Lady Gaga’s Dogs Are Back: Ryan Fischer, the Dogwalker, Speaks Out

Ryan Fischer, who is Lady Gaga’s dog walker, was recently attacked while on his regular stroll with the dogs. Not only was he attacked and shot, but the attackers also stole two of Gaga’s three dogs from Ryan. Last week, Ryan finally spoke out for the very first time since the altercation.

Lady Gaga's 3 French Bulldogs, Asia, Gustav, and Koji.
Lady Gaga’s Dogs Are Back: Ryan Fischer, the Dogwalker, Speaks Out
An Emotional Time for Lady Gaga and her Dog Walker

On Instagram, Ryan Fischer posted a picture with a long and thorough caption recalling the violent attack that took place in Los Angeles as he walked Gaga’s three French Bulldogs. According to reports from the LAPD, during Fischer’s evening walk with the dogs, a man approached him and shot him.

Fischer described the occurrence as a very close call with death and he found comfort in the situation all thanks to his guardian angel, Asia, who is Lady Gaga’s third dog. Asia escaped the dognapping, unlike the other two French Bulldogs, Gustav and Koji.

In the post, Ryan Fischer went into great detail about the moments after the attack and shooting. He recalled cradling Asia and thanked her for the many adventures they’d been on. He also remembered apologizing to her for not being able to save Gustav and Koji.

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga's dogwalker, poses with the pop singer's dogs.
Lady Gaga’s Dogs Are Back: Ryan Fischer, the Dogwalker, Speaks Out
Ryan posted this from the hospital as he continues to recover from his injuries. He expressed his gratitude to people all around the world for their support, the police officers that helped find the criminals, the first responders, and the healthcare workers that helped save his life.

A Reunited Family

According to LAPD, a woman that was both uninvolved and unassociated with the attack and robbery returned Lady Gaga’s dogs to the station. Even though Gaga is in Italy filming a movie, she took the time to post to social media about her dogs and confirm the incident, send love to Ryan Fischer, and eventually, say that the dogs were indeed found.

Lady Gaga shouted out Ryan Fischer specifically stating that she continues to love him and appreciate his support as a friend, especially during the crisis. Gaga even called Fischer a hero for helping protect her family.