Khloe Kardashian’s Surprise Over Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson Match

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have already surprised the fans with their unexpected relationship. But it turns out that the fans are not the only ones! Even Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, was apparently taken aback by the romance. But that was a good surprise for her.

The Romance

The romance between Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28) started to take shape while they were linked on Saturday Night Live. After they appeared together on the show in October 2021, their budding relationship surfaced. Since then, the couple has been pictured together on many occasions, holding hands on a series of dates and indulging in some casual PDA.

The Reaction

Khloe Kardashian was reportedly surprised by this unanticipated match. But she could not be happier about it. According to an insider source close to Khloe, she loves Pete Davidson for his down-to-earth and super chill personality. She gets along with him very well. Recently, Khloe was also spotted heading out for dinner with the pair. The source also added that Khloe holds Pete in high regard and thinks he is an extremely charming, handsome, and interesting person. She also respects that Pete has a budding career and the talent to make his own money. From Khloe’s reaction, it’s evident that the entire Kardashian family completely adores Pete Davidson.

The Relationship

Offering insight into how Kim Kardashian is getting on in the new relationship, the insider source also told that Khloe is very happy for her sister Kim as Kim seems happier now than she has been in a while. According to Khloe, Pete is totally different from the other people Kim has dated, and that’s the most interesting and amazing factor of their relationship. Khloe thinks that Pete has breathed some much-needed fresh air into Kim’s life, being the man who loves her, makes her laugh, and even keeps her ego in check. No surprise that the relationship is getting stronger!

Taylor Swift Denounces Scooter Braun as He Sells Her Master Recordings

Taylor Swift performing on her 1989 tour, songs of which she no longer has the right to perform
Taylor Swift Denounces Scooter Braun as He Sells Her Master Recordings

It’s safe to say that it hasn’t been an easy year for pop superstar Taylor Swift. Within a year and a half, she had someone sell the recording rights to her first six albums twice. And she didn’t have a say in it.

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Own Her Recording Rights

A little known fact outside of the music industry is that upon signing with a label, a musician generally loses the recording rights (also known as master recordings) to the music they release with that label. The same happened with Taylor Swift’s first label, the Big Machine Label Group. Last summer the label was sold to music manager Scooter Braun for a deal estimated between $300-$350 million. What made matters worse is that Braun had managed none other than her longtime rival, Kanye West.

At the time, Taylor called the deal the “worst-case scenario,” and it’s clear why. After the deal was official, Swift said she was planning to re-record new versions of her old songs in order to devalue the original recordings.

Taylor Swift performing on her 1989 tour, songs of which she no longer has the right to perform
Taylor Swift Denounces Scooter Braun as He Sells Her Master Recordings

It Could Be a Good Thing for Fans

After news of Swift’s back catalog got sold again, the pop star identified the buyer as Shamrock Capital, an LA investment firm. Although Taylor was given the opportunity to become a partner with Shamrock, she refused because of the fine print. If she were to become an equity partner, it would mean that Braun would continue to profit from her work “for many years.” In negotiating with Braun to buy her recordings outright, she was offered an unacceptable non-disclosure agreement that she turned down.

As a result, Taylor Swift announced she will be moving forward with her plans to create new recordings for her earlier music. She added that doing this has already proven to be creatively fulfilling and exciting in the past so, fans, rejoice! We might get brand new (sort of) music from Tay-Tay soon.