Greek Home Décor Trend Takes Over TikTok

Greek Home Décor Trend Takes Over TikTok

The Greeks are coming home. Mostly, they’re coming to your home, wherever it may be. The latest trend to make rounds on TikTok and Instagram is sprucing up a place with Greek aesthetics. The ancient period was famous for its political, philosophical, and artistic achievements, but also for the art, the beauty, and sometimes the absolute weirdness that they got up to! TikTok, with its endless supply of content, is a hub for new trends to cement their places in the real world. So what if some influencer has decided to bring The Odyssey to their house? Bring out the busts of the Greek goddesses, the column side table, the risqué statues because it’s time to head back to the past. Here are some from circa 700 – 480 B.C to give your home a Greeky vibe!

Pantheon Dome Bookends

The Greeks have been a fan favorite for a lot of authors (here’s looking at you, Rick Riordan) and remained ever popular in the literary world. Give your books the Hellenistic treatment with some Pantheon Dome Bookends. Maybe add some books by Homer or Archimedes in the pile!

Venus De Milo Status Candle

Greek Home Décor Trend Takes Over TikTok

These candles are just a little bit risqué but perfect for every party. The beautiful and exotic candles, modeled after the famous Venus De Milo, make any tabletop sophisticated, and are sure to be a conversation starter in any room!

Ancient Greek Gold White Wallpaper

The easiest way to pay homage to any era is to change your walls. Just slap on some Greek-inspired wallpaper, and you’re surrounded by Greeks all day long!

Medusa Metal Wall Décor

Oh Medusa, you with your snaky hair and stony eyes (insert evil laughter). Medusa might not make for the best dinner companion, but some Medusa Metal wall decor is sure to add spice and intrigue to your walls.