40 Ex Car Thieves Spill Their Tricks to Help Avoid People’s Cars Getting Stolen and It’s Eye-Opening

Voss Law Firm // Safeguarding

Owing a car may be a great experience. Being a car owner can make your life easier since you can use them to run errands, transport stuff, and just generally move from place to place without much difficulty. However, this also makes you a target for car thieves. We have compiled a list of tips by former car thieves that would help you protect yourself against such unpleasant eventualities.

Not Only for Babies

Who said those baby monitors are only for babies? It seems like you can use them to prevent car thefts as well. This makes perfect sense. Any good baby monitor gives you the option to see and hear your baby while you are away.

Kideno // Baby Monitor

So, why not just put one in your car? Chances are that if it gets stolen you’d know who did it and where it is. This would make life a lot easier for the police.

Theft in Broad Daylight

Not all car stealing is done when the owner is away or after dark. Some daring car theft moves actually happen when you are in the car. Though, this seems more like car hijacking than stealing.

YouTube // Octo Knows

Think of it as a scene from GTA. Someone puts a bottle between the fender and the wheel, so it would make a frighting sound when you start driving and then snatches the car when you stop to inspect it.

Neutralize the Fuel Pump

No car can run without gas (unless it’s electric). So, what’s a better way of preventing it from getting stolen, if not by disabling the fuel pump every time you leave it? While this solution requires some technical know-how, we find it quite useful and ingenious.

Net Car Show // Toyota

The best thing to do is just to take your car to a garage and ask your mechanic to do it. It’s sure better than taking the risk.

Old School

Using a special bar to lock your steering wheeling isn’t a new invention. It’s been with us at least since the ‘90s and possibly even sooner. We’re not sure how effective it is since a skilled thief would probably find a workaround.

Facebook // Klic-Key

However, the point is not to delay them but to just make sure they understand that this car is not worth the hassle. Hopefully, they would just give up and move to the next car in line.

Can’t Steal What You Can’t See

We obviously didn’t mean it literally, because you can still imagine that there is a car parked beneath the cover. However, stealing a car is all about the time it takes to do it.

YouTube // Daily Automotive

Stealing a car usually takes under one minute. Any longer than that, and chances are that they would simply give up on the idea of doing that. So, why not delay them by putting a cover? It takes a while to remove it.

Secret Solution

This is probably the best device you could hope for when trying to prevent your car from getting stolen. This little thing prevents your car’s engine from starting unless you disable it. Usually, you’ll need to put in a password to disable it.

Travah // Blogs

We bet car thieves wouldn’t waste time trying to figure out how to unlock it. However, they are quite right about installing it. It does require some technical knowledge, so it’s best to ask your mechanic.

Hide it in the Trunk

Sometimes, people don’t intend to steal. However, all it takes is something to trigger them. This could be a coat, a wallet, or even a phone lying innocently on the front seat of the car.

NPR // The Two-Way

While most people would tell you that they never leave their valuables in their car, mistakes happen. So, do yourselves a favor and put them away in the trunk — better yet, avoid keeping any sort of valuable item in your car.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby

This is really obvious, at least to us. Parking your car at some dark spot is a bad idea. In fact, spending time in an unlit or poorly-lit place is a bad idea in general.

Coventry Telegraph // Local News

A lot of bad things can happen when you are making your way to the car or getting out of it when it’s dark. So, obviously, thieves would go for these cars. We recommend that you park your car in a well-lit place.

Turn Off the Radio

Having a cool stereo system in your car sounds like a 2000s throwback. However, for those of you who still use them and have them installed in your car, we recommend you pay attention to what we’re about to share.

Shine Cinema // FM Radio

Just remove the outer cover of your fancy stereo system. No thief would waste time figuring out what’s wrong with it. Also, they are probably not going to waste time searching your car around for it.

Stow it Away

We mentioned putting your valuable things in the trunk, so they won’t attract attention. But, what if your trunk is full because you just went to do grocery shopping and you have a small car?

Post Naver

In this case, we recommend you put all your valuable things under your seat. You know what they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” In other words, if they can’t see them, they probably won’t bother with your car.

Removable Steering Wheel

This may sound a little odd to those who are not well-versed in a vehicle’s mechanical aspects, but apparently, this is possible. You can have a removable wheel installed in your car instead of the regular wheel that comes with your car.


You can’t steal a car if you don’t have a way to steer it. They have a point there, however, about coming to a meeting or a date with a steering wheel in your hand.

Spare Keys


While it may be tempting to keep a pair of spare keys in your glove compartment, center console, door, or in the change tray, this is a bad idea. This is basically inviting a thief to steal your car.

Facebook // Gelena Translations

Under no circumstances should you leave your spare car keys in the car itself. In fact, we recommend that you keep them at home or at your office. Otherwise, you risk a lot here.

Don’t Move

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “motion sensor”? We think of a bank-grade security system — Fort Knox style. You may not know this, but a simple motion sensor with light is quite easy to purchase.

This Old House // Home Safety

This means that whenever someone is lurking around your car, the light will turn on. That should be enough to stave off potential car thieves, don’t you think?

Show Me the Money

Breaking into a car, unlike stealing it, usually happens because someone sees an opportunity and decides to exploit it. This means that you shouldn’t leave anything in the open. Yes, this includes your small change, too.

Motor Beam // Essentials

While this may seem insignificant to you, a few coins can be a lot to someone who has nothing to eat and, therefore, won’t hesitate to smash your car window to get them. Just put them away. Preferably, somewhere no one can spot them.

Can’t See Me Now

We know what you are thinking: having tinted windows would actually attract car thieves since they would think that this is an expensive car. But we just wish to remind you that car thieves don’t just steal random cars.

Simplicity Customs // TUV

They typically go for certain models that are worth more on the market. So, do yourselves a favor. If you really want to keep things in your car, just tint your windows so no one would be able to look inside.

Tracking You Down

This may seem like something from a movie, but it actually happens from time to time. Some thieves may place a GPS tracker on your vehicle. This is probably done with more expensive vehicles.

Global Sources

The reason is for them to be able to learn your itinerary. They would identify the best time to steal your car and strike when you are running an errand or at some business meeting. Check under your car from time to time to see if there’s anything that should be there.

Personal Documents

This should be obvious, but in case it isn’t, we just want to let you know that you should never keep personal documents in your car. We mean anything that might reveal where you live.

Voss Law Firm // Safeguarding

Sometimes, stealing your car isn’t enough, and a car thief might also turn out to be a home burglar — you know, as a side business. So, be careful as to where you leave those sensitive documents.

It’s Protected

Every modern car comes with an alarm, unless there is something wrong with it or if you’ve specifically ordered a car without one. Regardless, you should just put a sticker to make sure everyone knows that your car has an alarm system — even if it’s not the case.

Pic Click UK // Viper Alarm

This is just another way to repel thieves. There’s a chance, of course, that they would choose to ignore it and take the risk, but it’s worth having it anyway.

Some More Than Others

While this isn’t much of a tip, since it’s really a matter of choice, we still felt like you should know this. According to statistics, some car brands get stolen a lot more often than others.

YNet // Wheels

There isn’t a particular reason behind it. It’s like favoring one brand of cereal over the other. Cars get stolen so they can be later sold. It’s no wonder thieves would want to go for the most popular car models.

Silent Alarm

Car alarms tend to be cranky. Everything seems to trigger them. At some point, people just get annoyed and disable them. This is obviously a bad idea since this is a major line of defense in the war against car thieves.

SureLockKey // Dodge

But, in case you did decide to disable them because your neighbor threatens to call the cops the next time he hears it blaring, just use an alarm system that pages you (or sends you a text message) every time it’s activated.

Locked Tire

This is an old trick used by parking enforcement agents to ensure that you pay your parking ticket. But, who said that you can’t use it to actually protect your car from thefts? The whole point of this device is to make sure you wouldn’t be able to move your car.

Pinterest // @PicClick

Now, this is exactly what a car thief would want to do with your car. So, why not make it harder or virtually impossible for them to do it?

Hide it Well

In an expert’s hands, even the simplest car alarm system can turn into an effective car thief repellent. It all depends, of course, on who is doing the installation. Usually, the people in the retail chain store are not trained to do it in expert ways.

Cracks in the Pavement // Parking Lot

They would probably follow some standard procedure just to get you off their backs. If you go to someone who actually knows what they are doing, you would make it a lot harder for car thieves to get to it.

The Right String

This next tip probably applies more to older car models that feature door lock knobs or pins (like in the photo). Apparently, there is a way to open the door by using a string to lift the knob or pin. Truth is, there isn’t much to do about it.

Facebook // Galle Auto Keys

While you can always make sure your windows are closed, that would only buy you a few extra seconds before they may decide to break the window. It’s best to get a newer car model in this case.

Draw Attention

Just like you should never leave your car in a dark parking spot, you should also strive to leave it in a busy area. If possible, leave it in a parking lot that has attendants or surveillance cameras.

CracksinthePavement // Parking Lot

Thieves would usually avoid guarded parking spots. The more foot traffic, the better. This means that cars get a lot of attention, but in a good way. People coming and going means less chance of experiencing car theft.

Keys in the Ignition

This is something that probably many of us do, without even noticing. Leaving the keys in the ignition while running an errand. This may not even sound like a problem, but then again, car theft is an opportunity crime.

OutdoorStuf // Car Care

Why just invite trouble? No errand is worth the risk. We recommend that you just park your car, turn off the engine and take the keys with you. Better safe than sorry, right?

What a Coin Could Do

This is quite clever. Inserting a coin in the driver’s door handle to prevent it from locking is something really inventive. However, since we side with the victims, we have to warn you about this method.

X (Twitter) // @TheCountNews

This is why you should check that everything is in order after you have locked the car. We recommend just trying the door handle. If it opens after you have locked the car, you know there is a problem.

Don’t Leave Anything Outside

This is more relevant to pickup truck owners or similar work vehicles. Keeping toolboxes or just work tools at the back of the truck is a bad idea. While car thieves may not want your old shabby truck, they would be happy to borrow (indefinitely) some of the tools you keep at the back.

Bakersfield Truck Accessories // Armor Coatings

From air hammers to drill heads, anything goes. Considering the fact that these tools are often worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, keep them somewhere safe.

Small Electronics Can Be Tempting

Technological devices often come with a whole bunch of identifying markers. This means that if you want to keep them in your car, you should do everything you can to hide those cables. Otherwise, someone might break your car window just to get to them.

Shutterstock // Andrey_Popov

Tinted windows, or hiding the cables underneath your seat are just two ways you can do it. In general, it’s best to avoid keeping technological devices in your car.

Put Your Name on It

Some safety measures would only help you after the fact. If you keep expensive tools in your truck or car, you better make sure you write your name and phone number with a permanent marker or nonremovable paint.

Pinterest // @Festool

This would obviously make them less desirable for stealing since what’s the point of trying to sell a tool that clearly belongs to someone and is easily identified? There’s also the option of just locking your tools in steel cabinets.

License and Registration Please

Keeping registration and insurance information in the vehicle is a bad idea. While it may seem logical since these are the kind of documents that you would need in the event of a car accident, imagine what would happen if your car gets stolen along with these.

Shutterstock // Lost_in_the_Midwest

Someone can just pretend that they owe your car and sell it — just like that. So, we recommend that you just keep a digital copy of those documents on your smartphone.

Keep the Windows Closed

Newer car models have this unique feature that closes the car windows after you lock your car, even if you forgot to do it yourself. However, we would recommend that you check that all windows have been closed before walking away from it.

Reddit // u/silent_pm

You know, just to be on the safe side. A skilled car thief will exploit every opportunity, including a half-open window, to get into your car.

Signal Relay

Though this sounds like some advanced alien technology from the latest sci-fi movie, it’s not. Apparently, signals can be “hijacked” from a distance. While this requires some extra thinking on behalf of the thief, it’s still fairly easy to accomplish.

Auto Locksmith // Remote Keys

To avoid getting your remote key hijacked, just use a Faraday pouch. This is a special pouch that is layered with strips of metal that block signals. Remember to put your car keys in one after you’ve locked your car.

Close the Sunroof

Closing your sunroof won’t only prevent water damage to your car’s interior space, but it will also prevent it from being stolen. While this may sound obvious to most of you, you’d be surprised to learn how many people actually forget to do this one little thing before they lock their car and walk away from it.

Pinterest // Kia Sportage

A semi-open sunroof is an open-ended invitation to a thief to steal your car. Enjoy the fresh air, but also make sure to close it before you exit the vehicle.

Secure Your License Plate

Sometimes, car theft isn’t about the car itself, but about its parts. In this case, license plates can be a valuable commodity. A stolen license plate can be fitted on another car that is used to commit a crime.

Instagram // @aphexmike

Our advice is to use security screws to make sure that your license plates remain firm in their place. You can also use powerful epoxy glue. Just do what you have to make sure no one can detach your license plate.

Hot Wheels

Stealing car parts is a common thing. Yes, even wheels get stolen from parked cars. Just imagine finishing a meeting and finding out that your car has been stripped of its wheels.

Instagram // @rashidandsons1946

While we think that this is something that would probably happen at night, who knows really? Car thieves are audacious these days. We recommend that you use wheel nuts to secure your wheels. You can just park very close to the curb, that would make it harder for a thief to access the wheel in the first place.

Got You Cornered

Sometimes, the best way to avoid a vehicle from being stolen (apart from taking all the reasonable precautions) is to park it in such a way that would it make harder for a thief to escape.

Quora // Parking

Car theft is all about speed. While car thieves would go for a that is easy to break into, they would also assess how much it takes for them to make the actual escape with it.

Don’t Face the Road

If you have ever parked military vehicles, you know that they should always be parked with their front facing the road. This is to ensure an easy rollout in case you are called in to respond.

Wikimedia Commons // Ildar Sagdejev

If you do the same with your civilian vehicle, you’d make life a lot easier for car thieves. So, another way to make their lives harder is to park in reverse. They wouldn’t waste time on a car that is parked like that.

Destroy the Evidence

Leaving suction cup marks on your windshield is a bad idea. This signals to a potential thief that you have some precious pieces of technology in your car, like a satellite navigation system or road cameras.

RV Share // Dashboard Camera

Other than removing those items after you’ve parked your car, you should also clear the windshield. Make sure you remove those suction cup marks from your windshield, too. Don’t give them any reason to break into your car.

Change Your Routine

Don’t park in the same spot twice. While this tip may sound like something straight out of a spy movie, it actually makes a lot of sense. If you are driving an expensive car, chances are that you will be under surveillance for a couple of days before they would make a move.

Rental Cars // Guides

In that case, constantly changing your routine would make you unpredictable. This would make it much harder for them to steal your car.

Act Cool

This is just a general tip, or more like a summary of all the tips we have provided you with on this list. Keeping your car safe from theft is not about picking one tip and following it.

Medium // [Deleted]

You should strive to apply as many of them as you possibly can. The more precautions you take, the higher the chances are that you will be able to safeguard your car from theft.

40+ Horrific Piercing Stories That Make Us Say “Nope”

Piercings are one way people show off their personalities! But, if they heard some of the stories out there about botched piercings or events that remove those piercings from people’s bodies, we have a feeling they may reconsider.

Your Amazon Delivery Has Arrived

When you’re in college, you’re definitely due for some pretty silly misadventures. After all, it’s the first time you’re away from home and able to make those decisions on your own. Letting someone near your body who doesn’t have any experience seems like a calculated risk.

Your Amazon Delivery Has Arrived

Too Tight

Lots of little girls and boys pester their parents to get piercings at an early age. Most parents cave in eventually, and it tends to be around the same age for the kids. This little girl had a traumatic experience that ended her dreams of having a piercing.

Too Tight

The person that does your piercing needs to be careful. One wrong move and you’re in the ER getting your ear lobe sliced open! Uh, ouch!

It Can’t Hurt That Bad

No matter how much experience your piercer has, there’s room for issues to arise with the equipment. This young woman just happened to be unlucky enough to have a technical malfunction during her piercing.

It Can’t Hurt That Bad

The big issue for us is that even after all this trauma, the piercer still charged her for the piercing. At the very least, she should have gotten some sort of discount.

You Have Something on Your Face

It’s no secret that cartilage piercings are very popular. Typically, when you get this done, you will discuss a few things before the actual process. But, this person got what they paid for.

You Have Something on Your Face

Not only did she have to deal with the jewelry that was chosen for her without a say, but this OP also dealt with more blood than she thought she would.

Use What You Have

Sometimes you’re filled with so much excitement, you can’t bear to wait for your piercing appointment. When this happens, you might get a little overzealous, as this young woman did.

Use What You Have

We’re not sure that using your name tag is a good idea, especially after hearing this story. But, then again, she probably didn’t disinfect the back. If she had, her piercings may have been okay.

Rejected the Piercing

There are a lot of people that have a bit of an addiction when it comes to piercings. This person knows this and freely admits they are one of them.

Rejected the Piercing

But, why they keep trying after they have had such a hard time with it is beyond us. If this happened to us, we would be finished trying. That had to have been painful!

What Is That?

It’s one thing to have side effects of a piercing in the safety of your own home, but in public, it can be very embarrassing. If you do end up doing your piercing yourself, you will have to assume this could be something that happens.

What Is That?

This young woman did her own piercing and ended up having an incident spring up during a test. Even more embarrassing was that she wasn’t the only one affected.

More Than a Cut

You want a new fresh do when you get a new piercing so that you can show it off. So, it’s not surprising that this person headed to the salon a few days after having their cartilage done. But, that was a mistake!

More Than a Cut

We cannot even imagine what type of pain that was when the comb ripped the back of that fresh piercing. But, it was nice that the salon didn’t charge them for the haircut.

Filled Up

The last thing you want to do is deal with a caked-on bloody mess in the morning, no matter where that comes from! But, when it comes to your latest ear piercing, it can be quite frustrating! This poor person had that and so much more to deal with when they got their rook pierced.

Filled Up

We’re not sure how something like this happens other than incompetence or an unhygienic workstation. It would seem that the person might have seen signs but didn’t put two and two together.

Long-Term Consequences

When a woman gets pregnant, her belly stretches to make room for the baby. If you’re someone that has a belly button piercing, you often find it uncomfortable and end up removing it.

Long-Term Consequences

But, when you have a bad piercing as this girl did, you might find that discomfort more painful than you could imagine. This definitely makes us reconsider getting one! How about you?

Traumatic Event

There are many people that find a piercing they like and then get multiple of the same one. It’s probably pretty frustrating when one goes well and the second leaves you with a bit of a traumatic story.

Traumatic Event

You have to be careful when you are working with sharp objects and people’s faces. This guy seemed to be having a bad day, and it transferred to causing this customer quite a bit of pain.


Dermal piercings have been getting more and more popular, so things like cheek piercings are something a lot of people are looking for. This person got hers done and seemed to have a pretty horrific experience.


The swelling was so bad that her skin began to swallow up the piercing. The fact she ended up having to have it surgically removed seems like a good reason to skip having this done.

Look at That

Lots of women choose to go with a delicate nose piercing to help enhance their beauty. But, you have to be careful because you may not realize it, but your nose can get into its fair share of trouble.

Look at That

This woman found that out the hard way. All she was doing was taking her glasses off, and one wrong move later, she was screaming in pain. We say no, thank you!

Let Your Hair Down

When you get a piercing, no matter where it is, you have to make sure to keep it clean. This is important until the piercings are completely healed. But, there are factors you may not think about, especially when you’re busy with college courses.

Let Your Hair Down

Your hair has oils that can be transferred easily, which happened to this girl and led to an infection. This seems like a lot of work, so we think we’ll just skip it!

Two Tongued

You might be surprised that there’s more than one type of tongue piercings. There are those that get a web piercing, and this seems like an odd location for sure, seeing as how you don’t see that area very well.

Two Tongued

With a tongue piercing, you have to be super cautious about what you ingest until it’s finally healed. Going to a bar and drinking tons of cocktails could eventually land you in this kind of scenario. This is why it doesn’t seem like a fun idea at all.

Right There

Many people have had piercings they let close up that they end up re-piercing later in life. This woman simply wanted her nose piercing back, and because of this, she found herself dealing with a lengthier process than she wanted.

Right There

However, it may have been because she was dealing with someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Sure — it’s gonna be hard to get through scar tissue, but it shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Veins and All

You have to be pretty careful when piercing people, as there are tons of veins all over the body. It’s even more important when dealing with any type of facial piercings. This piercer didn’t pay attention, and it caused a lot of problems later.

Veins and All

Wanting to change it up, this person probably didn’t think anything of it until there were sprays of blood. This story could definitely deter someone from getting a nose piercing.

Uneven Holes

When you get your ears pierced, one of the keys to having them look good is to ensure the holes are even. This poor girl had to deal with lopsided holes and so much more. If you’re thinking of letting your little one get pierced, you might want to reconsider.

Uneven Holes

This whole story seems to be horrible, which is why — if you’re going to get piercings — you want to really make sure you go to a good place.

Sealed and Swollen

Some people’s bodies reject piercings. In this case, the skin will often grow over the piercing itself. If this happens and you’re trying to keep that piercing, you may have to perform a few extra steps.

Sealed and Swollen

The extra steps sound disgusting, though, and we don’t think we would be up for squeezing puss and blood from the wound.

Gauging Error

For many people, the next stage after the piercing is to begin stretching their ears out with gauges for an edgy punk-rock feel. But, there are lots of places that require you to be over 18 in order to buy gauging equipment.

Gauging Error

So, we can see why this person thought using multiple earrings might help, but it just wound up giving them an infection — which doesn’t sound fun at all.

Never Fully Healed

Many people have problems sleeping, so to make the room the darkest it can be, they use an eye mask. But, when you have freshly pierced ears, this might lead to some issues. Just ask this person.

Never Fully Healed

They accidentally caught their earrings on the mask, and this led to infection. Having never fully healed ears sounds terrible and could be a reason to just skip the idea altogether.

Falling Backward

When you get your ears pierced, you shouldn’t have to do extra surgery at home. The fact that this person’s dad ended up having to pull the studs forward so there would be proper healing is just one of many issues we have with this piercing job.

Falling Backward

No one should have to have a corrective procedure for something so simple. This seems like too much and even though it’s not something that happens all the time, do you want to take the chance?

No Shirt

There are some things that you do every day that you just don’t think. This includes putting on your clothes, which we had no idea could be so dangerous. Just think about yanking on your nose piercing every time you put on or take off a shirt.

No Shirt

It would be even worse if, like this girl, you continually did it. We think after a few times, we would just give up on either the piercing or just go for button-up shirts to be on the safe side.

No Formal Experience

The first thing we think is the most important thing about choosing a piercer is to make sure you choose one with experience. After all, you’re allowing this person to put holes in your body. At the very least, they should have working knowledge, especially if you’re doing a specialty piercing.

No Formal Experience

Because if you don’t, you will end up with a story like this person. It definitely doesn’t sound like a pleasant or productive experience.


The idea of a needle going into your skin can be quite frightening for some. But, even though it might be scary, they still want to get one done. However, if you’re scared, one symptom might be nausea.


This person didn’t even get to the point where the needle met flesh before they had to run to the bathroom. If it’s that bad, maybe we would rather spend that money some other way!

Reaching Out for Help

Piercings and tattoos can be a pretty cool addition to your style. But, when you choose piercings, you also have to think about external forces that could leave you in a lot of pain.

Reaching Out for Help

This girl was just hanging out by the pool, and in a blink of an eye, she was writhing in pain. No one wants to have to think about things all the time, right?!

And Still

There are tons of things that can contribute to a horror story when it comes to piercing. And despite the fact that this OP did everything they were supposed to do, they still ended up with an infection to the point that their face swelled up!

And Still

If we went through all this trouble of trying new metals and keeping the area extra clean — and still wound up dealing with pus and peeling — we would feel the same as this young woman does!

She’s Out

Sometimes the anticipation and act of piercing can send a person’s system into a flight or fight mode. This can mean a boost of adrenaline, and sometimes when you come out of that, you find yourself a little woozy!

She’s Out

This person handled the pain just fine, but when they stood up, their adrenaline dropped — and so did they. There’s no way that belly button piercing was worth all that hassle.

Dermal Tragedy

It’s bad enough when one piercing goes wrong, but it has to be a pretty painful process when you’re dealing with four. Not only have you wasted money, but you have to deal with pain too.

Dermal Tragedy

One of this OP’s hip dermal piercings became infected, which couldn’t have been fun. We’re just glad that they were able to get the piercing out!

Shut the Door

When you’re getting out of your car, you’re worried about making sure you get to where you’re going and getting there safely. The last thing we think about is whether our earrings are in the way.

Shut the Door

But apparently, we should think about it a little more because there’s a chance that they could get caught in the door. Ripping an earring out like that is something no person should ever have to experience.


Many parents choose to get their infant’s ears pierced at just a few months old. But if the child doesn’t like wearing earrings, then those holes may close up.


If we were this little girl and our grandma surprisingly attacked our ear lobes, we might never forgive our grandma (we would at least be mad for a while!) — especially since it led to a bit of an infection!

Wrong Side

There are some places that don’t allow any type of facial piercing to be present when working. That’s why many people who have nose piercings end up removing them when on the clock.

Wrong Side

This guy must have had a long day to forget which side his piercing was originally on. Also, that had to have been pretty painful, especially because he pierced himself. On the bright side, now he has a few different options!

What Is That?!

During an intimate moment, the last thing you want is for your recently pierced ear to begin draining. That’s not necessarily the best way to get you in the mood. This person went and got their cartilage pierced, and it ended up ruining their evening.

What Is That?!

The thing is, though, this person knew how their ear looked and should have guessed that something like this could happen. We know we would have!

Nose Tattoo

In many piercing parlors, they will mark the location with a black ink dot to show you where they’re planning to pierce you. This also allows them to have a visual to make sure the holes or holes are placed properly.

Nose Tattoo

Unfortunately for this person, someone got a little vigorous with that dot. No one wants to have to deal with a mark on their face they didn’t want.

Hyper Puppy

Dogs can get overly excited when they see someone they love. This, in turn, could bring about some serious, tragic events when it comes to piercings. So, you have to be careful.

Hyper Puppy

Having your dog rip out your belly button ring couldn’t have felt good at all. Yet another reason to decide against investing in one!

Over the Scab

The culprit of your pain doesn’t even have to be something extraordinary. Apparently, it can be something like a juicy hamburger that ends up ruining your piercing. This poor girl must have been in a lot of pain when this happened.

Over the Scab

The fact that she was brave enough to go back and get it done again — the day after, mind you — says something about her determination.

Metal Allergy

There are just some people that cannot find a metal that won’t end in tragedy when it comes to piercings. This has to be tough, but continually trying will only leave you more disappointed than before.

Metal Allergy

The result of your body rejecting the metal is not fun, so why would anyone even try?! We’re seriously reconsidering every piercing we’ve ever thought of getting!