Perfect Tips for a Perfect Romantic Rainy Day Date

A Movie Date

Dates are the perfect time to spend time with your partner. Be it a simple meet-up at home or an outing, there are a ton of ways to make them even more fun and meaningful. What if you have plans to meet and it rains? Perfect timing, honestly! Because nothing screams romance louder than this weather. Whether you are a couple that likes to venture out or stay in, there are plenty of options for a romantic date on a rainy day. Here are some of the best date ideas for rainy weather.

A Movie Date

Watching movies on dates is an experience that is as popular as it is fun. On rainy days, just put on your favorite movie, grab a snack, get comfortable, and have yourselves a solid date. It doesn’t matter what genre of movies you are into or whether you’re at the theaters or at home as long as you both enjoy it.

Museum Dates

Museum Dates

If you want to get out of the house despite the rain, one of the best places to go is museums. Being a sheltered place full of interesting things, you can take your time exploring and discussing with your partner. While most people think of museums as boring, they can actually be a good place for getting in some quality time with your partner.

Walking in the Rain

Looking for adventure on your dates? A rainy day is the perfect occasion for you. Get your umbrellas and head out to explore the world around with just the two of you. Apart from the ironic yet inherent privacy, there is no better romantic setting than a rainy or cloudy day with your partner.

Cook Together

Cook Together

A perfect and promising date activity is cooking. Known to be an intimate experience in itself, preparing a meal in the kitchen with your partner can further deepen your bond. Trust us, vibes while cooking together are just swoon-worthy. So pick a cuisine, a favorite dish, or something that has been on your list to try, find its recipe, and get cooking!

Visit Your Favorite Cafe

Another way to spend your rainy day is to grab a table at your nearest favorite cafe. Some cafes have bookshelves with a fireplace or games that you can engage in. Even if it’s just a cafe with a cozy ambiance, it’s enough for a good time. Because honestly, a day with good food and good aura on your date is just perfection.

Tessa Thompson Was Seen Kissing the Australian Model Zac Stenmark

On the same day, when the photos showing the public display of affection between Tessa Thompson, director Taika Waititi, and singer Rita Ora went viral, the actress was spotted kissing the Australian model Zac Stenmark. Stenmark could actually be seen on the images that showed the trio’s PDA as he was hanging out next to them.

The New Images Show Tessa Thompson and Zac Stenmark Sharing a Kiss

Tessa Thompson and Zac Stenmark Sharing a Kiss People are speculating that the images showing Tessa Thompson and Stenmark were taken on the same day because they both wear the same outfits they were sporting in the now-viral images. The 29-year old model and 37-year-old actress were spotted sharing a kiss on the sidewalk, and the images went public soon after that.

Tessa Thompson Is In Australia for the Shooting of the Movie Thor: Love and Thunder

Tessa Thompson is reprising her role as the mighty Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie is directed by Taika Waititi, who is rumored to be in a relationship with the British singer and actress Rita Ora. Stenmark and his twin brother Jordan are both reputable models and share an Instagram page with nearly 200,000 followers. They’re repped by WME Worldwide and IMG Models and have even appeared in V Magazine.

Tessa Thompson as ValkyrieIn the viral images of Thompson, Waititi, and Ora, the 45-year-old director can be seen snuggling up with the actress and the 30-year-old pop star. He is rumored to be dating Rita Ora for months, and fans are not really sure if their embrace with Thompson was a romantic one. So far, they seem to agree that this was indeed the case.

According to a source, Ora and Taika have been a couple since way back in March but have kept a low profile. It seems all their friends know about the relationship between the two and the couple is really into each other. Taika Waititi is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder as the direct sequel to Thor: Ragnarok. This movie will be the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.