Moving in Together? Watch Out for These Potential Relationship Landmines

So, you have decided to move in and embark on the next big step in your dating trajectory. Congratulations! It is a big deal and you must feel really happy about it. But, before you take the plunge, here are a few landmines and reconciliation techniques you should be aware of – for making the transition buttery smooth.

Managing the Finances

Finances can be the biggest source of discord among couples and can wage a full-blown war between the two. To eliminate any such fight, a couple should mutually work out a financial management tactic before moving in together. They should sit down together and allocate the budget for miscellaneous expenses. Once the budget is drawn, they can decide their share in proportion to their salary. Ideally, the couple should maintain a written record – electronically or on paper – of the budget and set a timeframe too, in order to clear all the dues for the month.

Claiming the Remote

Often couples let remote control dictate and dominate their lives. When one person takes full ownership of the remote and takes charge of what to watch and what not to without gauging the viewing interest of their partner; the situation can become a breeding ground for a full-blown conflict in the future if not immediately. To avoid this, figure out the shows or genres you both like. Try sampling a new show together. If nothing works, set a boundary and draft a mutually agreeable viewing schedule to cut back on any fight over the remote control.

Sharing the Domestic Load

Couple washing up in kitchen, woman smiling at man

Each partner in a relationship has different views on hygiene and cleaning – and a stark mismatch of this can lead to a conflict. In order to put a stop to such fights, establish a joint cleaning schedule after moving in together. Divide the tasks and make it fun by bringing peppy music, dance, or both in the mix.