Kissing On A First Date: What’s The Rule Here?

Let’s be honest; first dates can be pretty nerve-wracking. Whether you’re the kind of person who is just naturally suspicious of new people or whether you just suck at knowing whether someone is interested in you, first dates can also be pretty awkward when it comes to the goodbye. Do you go in for the kiss? Do you pull back if they try and kiss you? So many people have their own opinions when it comes to kissing on the first date, so what’s the rule?

Knowing They’re Interested

Of course, you’re not going to be shunned from this planet if you do decide to kiss on the first date. For some people, this is just a way for them to show their interest. If you’re a naturally flirty or tactile person, a kiss at the end of the night could be a surefire way to know that they like you – and hopefully, you like them back. This way, a second date is normally on the cards. 

Keeping Your Cards Close

That doesn’t mean that the rule states that you have to kiss on the first date, though. If you struggle to let people into your life and you believe a kiss to be a meaningful exchange between people who have a real connection, don’t feel like you have to kiss them just because they want to kiss you. Stand your ground and keep your cards close to your chest. 

One of the best ways to think of this rule is to realize that you’re the one who makes the rule. A date is your chance to live in the moment, and if you feel like you want to smooch the other person’s face off, then smooch the other person’s face off! If you don’t, then don’t. The only thing right or wrong about a moment between two people is how it feels.