Keeping a Relationship Alive Can Start With Breaking the Rules

Have you broken any rules recently? People in relationships often stay away from breaking the rules, but doing so can make you feel powerful and free. Due to this feeling, many people typically tend to break their own rules often. Even though you might feel nervous when breaking a rule in a relationship, it can still give you that thrilling feeling that you may find comforting. Small rule-breaking can go a long way in spicing up your relationship.

Couple having a healthy relationship
Keeping a Relationship Alive Can Start With Breaking the Rules

Ideas for Breaking the Rules in a Relationship

  • Get a drink together on the way home from leaving a party early.
  • Once the babysitter leaves, try shutting the door and dedicating the evening to each other. You can also consider skipping events altogether to do something more fun or relaxing.
  • Stay home from work for a few hours mid-week.
  • Try sending suggestive text messages to each other without talking about sex or throwing the idea in the other’s face.
  • Leave funny messages like how you saw your partner in the elevator, and you’re interested in getting to know them.
  • Meet the other at a party and introduce yourself as if you were meeting them for the first time.

Start Small and Test the Water

Lovely couple having a good time on lake pier
Keeping a Relationship Alive Can Start With Breaking the Rules

Rule-breaking can be thrilling, but it can also come with consequences. It’s important to start small and know what you’re dealing with when breaking the rules. Doing so should be in a strategic manner so that you’re sure you’re doing it right.

Breaking the rules in small ways, like using one of the ideas above, is a great way to spark up your relationship and make things fun. Instead of dealing with the same old stuff, you can try something new while also helping yourself feel good about the situation.

Go on and break a couple of relationship rules yourself.