How to Improve and Keep a Long-Distance Friendship

To maintain any kind of friendship, it will require time and commitment from both ends. Living far from each other can add an extra amount of pressure when it comes to keeping the friendship alive. Some believe that long-distance relationships and friendships are set for failure because of the time spent apart, but despite these beliefs, it is possible to stay close.

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The approach will be different, but there are ways in which you can continue to stay connected, and even more than before. Here’s how…

Schedule Phone Calls

Planning phone calls ahead of time can be a great way to allocate a specific amount of time for conversation, despite the distance. These can be agreed upon to be a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly thing. Whether it’s for five minutes or an hour, talking on the phone is an ideal way to ensure that you and your best friend are staying connected.

Text Often

Friendship is about small moments, too. If something embarrassing happened, you heard a funny joke, or you just want to say a quick “Hey,” texting is the go-to way of communication. Nothing is too small to share with your best friend.

Tell Them About Something That Reminds You of Your Friendship

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Close bonds and friendships mean that it’s likely for you to have come across something that reminds you of your friendship with that person. If you see a photo, video, meme, or something else that reminds you of your bestie, share it with them. It will make them feel appreciated, and it can spark up some meaningful conversation.

Remember the Special Occasions

Keeping up with special occasions and dates is key to maintaining a friendship. Whether you are going to celebrate with your friend or not, it is important to keep them in your calendar. From birthdays to important holidays, sending a text, making a phone call, or even sending a gift can go a long way.