Drifting Away From a Friend: 3 Signs That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Friendship, like any other type of relationship, requires work and isn’t impermeable to people drifting apart. There are different reasons why a rift can occur between a person and their friend. From a move to significant life changes to simply being busy.

Drifting Away From a Friend: 3 Signs That Shouldn’t Be IgnoredFriendships are fluid and any minor or major life event can affect the dynamic between two and more people. Sometimes people don’t even notice that they have been growing apart from their friends. While in some cases the drift is temporary, in others it’s permanent and often can be painful or the source of regret.

Here are three indicators that a friendship is on the verge of collapse:

1. Reduced Time Together

Lonely girlWhile people don’t have to hang out with their friends all the time, they have certain habits that allow them to keep their friendships alive. Some talk on the phone, others text, and others gather every Friday or Saturday to grab a beer. When a friend stops making the effort to maintain a dynamic, it’s a sure sign that the friendship is on the decline.

2. More Negative Interaction Than Positive

Children argumentPeople are friends because they enjoy the company of one another and tend to have great and positive experiences together. But when the dynamic starts to feel negative, draining, or exhausting, people start to pull away from their friends. Feeling uncomfortable around friends can be confusing and hard to deal with, especially when numerous good memories are involved, but it’s a feeling that shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it can be the prelude to much deeper issues.

3. When a Friend Feels Like a Stranger

Adult friends having an argumentPeople change with time and sometimes these changes can cause friends to drift apart. When a friend starts to feel like a stranger, it’s an unequivocal sign that the dynamic is taking a negative turn.

While some people remain friends throughout their lives, others get carried away from one another, and there isn’t always an explanation for the collapse. But, these are signs that give people a chance to save their friendships, if they want it!