Ditch The Memes, Here Are 5 Texts to Send to Check in on a Friend

Depressed man reading textsToday, it’s so easy to make jokes, talk about absolutely nothing, and send memes via text. However, when it comes to sending texts to a friend to check in on them, it may be difficult to find the right words. If a close one is struggling with their mental health, you might worry about hurting their feelings, saying the wrong thing, or something even worse. Yet, experts recommend reaching out anyway, especially if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Texts to Remind Friends They’re Not Forgotten

1. “I want to let you know I am thinking of you!”

If you have ever struggled with your mental health, perhaps you know how isolation can affect you. This text is an affirmation that reminds the friend that they are not alone. It’s simple, yet, so effective.

2. “Get ready, we are going for a walk”

Waiting at the doorstep, textingText your friend and demand they get ready but do it gently. Dr. Sabrina Romanoff, a clinical psychologist says that your friend may not be motivated to get dressed and go out, but texts like these can make all the difference.

3. “I know you said you were not ready to talk, but I am here when you need me”

This is the perfect text you can send to a friend that’s being a bit distant or taking time to focus on themselves. They will easily find comfort, knowing that they can dip out of their social life for a while, and still have you when they are feeling better. These types of texts are also to send to a friend who is pushing people away, perhaps due to a mental health condition. The right thing to do is to not cross their boundaries but go ahead and wedge yourself into their life just a little bit. This way, they know they are not alone.

Using Everyday Situations as an Excuse to Text a Friend

4. “I’m in the grocery store, let me know if you want something”

Texting at the grocery storeThis text is a slick way to gauge how they are feeling. If they confirm that they need help buying groceries, you want to get more info to make sure that they are OK. Kathryn Lee, MHC, a mental health counselor, says that often those with mental health conditions struggle with maintaining their daily functioning. That said, you want to go ahead and offer them a hand.

5. “Hi, I saw this, and I thought of you! How have you been?”

If you happen to hear or see something that reminds you of the friend in question, text them immediately and let them know. Then, ask how they are. This will bring back a positive memory for your friend and might perk them a little.