Dancing Can Be the Simplest Solution for Saving a Relationship

While every relationship is different and there is no one universal recipe for securing lifelong love, world-renowned relationship expert and psychotherapist Esther Perel has one recommendation for all couples. It is to nourish their connection whether the relationship is fresh off the first date or a long-term one. According to her one, of the best ways to do that is with dancing.

Dancing Can Be the Simplest Solution for Saving a RelationshipEsther Perel Believes Dancing Is Key for a Successful, Healthy Partnership

While she does not deny that focusing on communication skills or adventuring around the world can be helpful to keep the spark of love alive, Perel suggests that something much simpler can be just as effective, and it is dancing. According to her, dancing is what couples should do to keep a successful, healthy partnership, regardless of the age or stage of their relationship.

Esther Perel Says Dancing Creates Harmony to the Rhythm and Body of Another

Perel also says dancing can help people connect with their partners without saying a word. It includes eye contact, liveliness, and a sense of trust which Perel believes can spark a true connection in a couple. A 2015 research backs that up by showing out how dance enhances social bonds among friends. Perel further adds that dancing is energizing and fosters joy, and is something no one can do and be sad at the same time. According to her, people can paint and cry, write and cry, listen to music and weep, but can’t dance and weep.

In her practice, Esther Perel often invites people to commit to dancing in one form or another. She claims that age is not a factor at all and has spent hours observing how elderly couples dance with grace and elegance. Perel’s dancing solution does seem like a great one for couples to deepen their connection, which is probably why it is her number one tip for every couple, no matter their age, stage, or ability. She advises anyone to consider dancing in whatever form they choose.