Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

A lot of things in Brie Bella’s life started with a ring. Just two years into her WWE career, she was making her way to the top with her twin sister, Nikki Bella. Brie was placed alongside Daniel Bryan in a narrative that would include his infamous “Yes!” chant. After he won on an episode of Monday Night Raw in November 2010, he celebrated with Brie Bella, which was the first time they two were seen as a pair.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on the ring together
Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Daniel Bryan Was the Whole Package

Just before their storyline on WWE ended, they started seriously dating each other. The couple recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary and are months away from the birth of their second child. Brie’s twin sister, Nikki, is also expecting a baby a few days after her.

In 2014, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella exchanged vows and married, and since then, their marriage has been tested and proven to be stronger than ever. Brie has stated that even though they have their downfalls, they are such good friends and know how to communicate that it makes it easy to resolve their issues.

Daniel has dealt with depression and other struggles during their relationship, but they managed to make it through, whether in or out of the ring, even when Daniel made a choice not to attend Brie’s final Wrestle Mania match.

A Lifetime Together, Ahead

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan smiling at the camera next to their daughter Birdie
Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Despite being in their long-term relationship by 2017, the birth of their first child — daughter Birdie — seemed to cement them together even more. As the Smackdown LIVE General Manager, Daniel Bryan was able to take paternity leave and help out with the newborn.

The two had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year when they eventually gave up trying and let nature take its course. To their surprise, they succeeded and are expecting in 2020.