This Winter Skin Care Routine Will Keep You Glowing – Even in the Cold

YouTube // Luhhsetty

Winter is tough on most skin types, as the cold air can be really harsh and dry. There’s no need to worry, though. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive skincare routine that’ll get you through the winter! Follow these five easy steps in order to have flawless skin, all year round.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Even if your skin requires a stronger cleanser during the summer months, it may be best to switch to a gentler cleanser in the winter. According to dermatologist, Dr. Marisa Garshick, “It is important to use a cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils, especially in the winter months, so it won’t leave the skin feeling dry.”

Use a Thick Moisturizer

As opposed to cleanser, which should be gentler during winter, moisturizer should be more intense when it’s cold outside. Opt for a thick moisturizer during the winter, even if you usually go for something lighter. Dr. Garshick says, “A thick cream or ointment can help to lock moisture in and prevent moisture loss while also helping to support the skin barrier, which can be especially important for dry, cracked, or chapped skin in the winter months.”

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Most people neglect to apply sunscreen during the winter months because it doesn’t feel sunny outside. However, the sun can still impact your skin – even when it’s behind clouds. In order to keep yourself healthy, it’s important to apply sunscreen – SPF 30 or higher – all year round.

Lip Moisturizer for the Win

Chapped lips are a dreaded part of winter, but they don’t have to be. Incorporate chapstick into your daily skincare routine, and skip the worst part of winter altogether. Bonus points if you invest in a tinted chapstick, which can serve as a daytime lipstick as well.