The New K-Beauty Trick to Applying Foundation

K-beauty products and hacks have been ruling beauty trends. The latest addition is the makeup spatula, which is possibly the biggest foundation application trend this year. According to Korean makeup artist Hyemin Jo, makeup spatulas are her all-time go-to trick to create super smooth and glassy skin that also looks fresh and natural. If you’re thinking of something that looks like the tool you use to flip your pancake, you’re wrong! This spatula looks more like a metal painting knife or a non-serrated butter knife. K-beauty retailer Oliver Young’s Piccasso Makeup Spatula is all the rage. Here’s how to achieve this incredibly sheer, second-skin-like foundation effect on your face.

The Right Tool

The magic wand to achieve this wonderful makeup is the makeup spatula. You can pick the Piccasso makeup spatula from the international website of Olive Young. According to Korean makeup artists, the longer the edge, the better the spatula is for applying your foundation smoothly and evenly. Your silicone mask applicator can’t do that.

The Foundation

Makeup spatulas work best with liquid foundations. The ever-popular Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is one of the best options among pro-Korean makeup artists. The Radiant Fluid Natural and Matte Foundations from Cle de Peau, and the Nars Cosmetics Light Reflecting Foundation are other popular choices. Whatever your pick is, your foundation should be lightweight and easily blendable. Cakey foundations are a no-no here.

The Process

L.A.-based Korean makeup artist Priscilla Pae breaks down the process for us. Take less than a full dollop of liquid foundation to the back of your hand and draw the flat part of the spatula through it. Gently spread the foundation on your face in small sections. Layer on top wherever you need more coverage. Lastly, spritz a foundation wedge with any essence mist of your choice and lightly pat it out all over the face to achieve that clean seamless finish.

The Result

Spreading the foundation with a spatula covers your face in a thin and even layer of foundation so that it won’t cake or crease throughout the day. Also, patting the face with essence mist as the last step sets the foundation properly and makes the skin look glowy and dewy fresh. Korean makeup artist Ham Kyungsik ensures that makeup spatulas work on just about every skin type. It also helps speckle pores to get that smoothest foundation finish ever.