An Increased Trend in People on the Job Hunt Turning to Astrology

Astrology has been around since Babylonian times, over 2400 years ago. That means that people turning to astrologers for advice or just as a fun activity is nothing new. However, during 2020, astrologers and divination specialists have seen a sharp increase in business, especially from people that are on the job hunt. What exactly does this trend signify?

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Astrology and Divination Business Has Gone Up

Due to the severity and prolonged nature of the world health events that have come to pass during 2020, many people have found themselves unemployed as numerous businesses suffered or were forced to shut their doors. This has left many on the search for job opportunities in a slim and competitive market. In the midst of all that, the “mystical services” are not only surviving but thriving.

The business has seen a boom from individuals contacting astrologers or scheduling tarot card readings to the use of personal astrology apps online. What’s more, people have been buying far more sets of tarot cards and healing crystals than before, just judging by the average searches being done for those items on sites such as Etsy.

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A Bit of Hope in Uncertain Times

An astrologer, shamanic healer, and naturopath from London, Anita Chakraburtty, told Cosmopolitan that, over the course of 2020, her business has seen an increase of first-time and long-term clients scheduling astrology readings with questions specifically regarding work, job opportunities, financial stability, and similar topics.

Healing CrystalsA psychologist at the University of Goldsmiths, Professor Chris French, explains that it’s unsurprising that times of uncertainty are good for the divination business. When people are anxious about the present and uncertain about the future, they seek some peace of mind, even if it comes from unconventional sources. Even if the people turning to diviners for a reading regarding their careers or job prospects don’t rely solely on the information they get that way, there is a calming and reassuring aspect of it that in itself is beneficial.