Top Songs for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Tunes to Embrace When Nerves Take Over

Anxiety is a common struggle faced by many. To remind you that you’re not alone in this journey, we’ve compiled a list of powerful songs that beautifully capture the complexities of anxiety. These tracks delve into the realms of panic, overthinking, and feeling trapped, offering a comforting companion during those tough moments.

Finding Solace in Melodies

Music has a unique way of capturing and expressing emotions, resonating with our own feelings of panic, overthinking, and being trapped under the weight of our nerves. While these songs won’t magically make anxiety disappear, they can be a comforting companion, reminding you that others have walked a similar path. Taylor Swift’s “This Is Me Trying” and Ariana Grande’s “Breathin'” openly discuss the struggles and challenges faced when dealing with anxiety. These powerful tracks encourage listeners to acknowledge their vulnerabilities and find strength in embracing their true emotions. Ariana Grande’s powerhouse vocals in “Breathin'” deliver a message of resilience in the face of anxiety, urging listeners to persevere even during the most challenging moments.

Embracing Vulnerability and Resilience

Kehlani’s “24/7” and Hand Habits’ “Can’t Calm Down” delve into the quest for inner peace amid the restlessness of anxiety. Kehlani’s soulful track validates the experience of feeling anxious and urges listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities without judgment. Hand Habits’ dreamy indie-folk melody in “Can’t Calm Down” captures the cyclical nature of anxiety and the struggle to find tranquility amidst the turmoil.

The Journey of Inner Peace

The Journey of Inner Peace

Whether you find comfort in the heartfelt lyrics of Taylor Swift, the soulful tunes of Billie Eilish, or the raw emotions conveyed by Broadway songs, there’s a song out there that can speak to your soul and provide a sense of solidarity. Remember that it’s essential to seek professional help if anxiety starts interfering with your daily life.

A $130 Cat Photoshoot Is Worth it, According to One Woman

With the rise of smartphones and their professional-like cameras, not many people would pay for a casual photoshoot, especially when it comes to shooting their cat. This is not the case with a Canadian woman who’s in love with the pictures. The internet agrees.

The cat Kazmir
A $130 Cat Photoshoot Is Worth It, According to One Woman

Meet Kazmir, the Cat Model

When Kazmir’s mom posted some of the pictures on Reddit, people loved the photos and couldn’t get enough of them. The photoshoot cost the Redditor 175 Canadian dollars, which is roughly 130 US dollars.

Kazmir Portrait
A $130 Cat Photoshoot Is Worth It, According to One Woman

Everyone agreed that the photoshoot was worth it, but people also wanted to know who the photographer was.

Meet Sarah Bourque, the Photographer

Sarah enjoyed the photoshoot as Kazmir was a “wonderful model.” She’s also thrilled with the positive response. She met Kazmir and his family at a local park in Canada. The shoot took place on a blustery afternoon in January.

Kazmir crawling
A $130 Cat Photoshoot Is Worth It, According to One Woman

The park was quiet and lovely, which helped with the pictures. Kazmir is used to being outside, and during the shoot, he was in his harness leash. Sarah thought it was good to keep his leash on as the cat would be safe and comfortable so that his personality could shine through.

However, the leash was nowhere to be seen in any of the pictures as Sarah removed it later on.

Sarah Went as Far as Crawling

Usually, cats are natural posers, and Sarah knows that. She would spend a lot of time crawling around or lying in the grass. Her strategy was to let Kazmir find comfy spots and take as many pictures as possible from various angles.

Although Kazmir posed well, this usually lasted a few seconds, so it took a quick hand a professional experience to capture the cat in his best light.

The cat Kazmir, photoshoot by Sarah Bourque
A $130 Cat Photoshoot Is Worth It, According to One Woman

To make the cat look at the camera, Sarah used toys and noisemakers.