A Lifelong Romance That Started With a Kidney Donation

Ashley McIntyre and Danny Robinson didn’t know each other. Ashley heard that he needed a kidney transplant. They were the same age; it was a love story waiting to happen. Danny was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, an inflammatory kidney disease, at the age of 16. He lived in Louisville, Kentucky, and worked as an electrician full-time while also undergoing four stints of dialysis about three times a week to stay alive as he waited for a kidney transplant.

Surgeons performing a surgery
A Lifelong Romance That Started With a Kidney Donation

A Much-Appreciated Kidney Donation

On January 16, 2014, Ashley found out about Danny and his situation after overhearing a conversation her mom was having about how she heard him share his story on the radio. Ashley was turning 25 the next day and decided that she wouldn’t want to do anything else except donate a kidney to Danny.

She was able to get in contact with Danny’s mom and took the necessary tests that were required to ensure she was a perfect match for the transplant. Ashley didn’t want to meet the family until she knew she was a match because she didn’t want to let anyone down. According to Danny’s mom, when she met her, she knew that they would end up marrying each other.

A Love Story Brought to Life

The happy couple
A Lifelong Romance That Started With a Kidney Donation

During the months leading up to transplant day on April 17th, the two families grew very close. Danny gave Ashley a thoughtful gift before the kidney transplant, a musical jewelry box that had a meaningful inscription on it.

In May, the two sensed that the two had a deeper connection and agreed not to let their relationship affect the relationship their families had with one another.

One thing led to the next, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend, got engaged on Christmas, and are expecting a baby girl in the summer. This just goes to show how fate can surprise us in so many ways.