How to Remove Stubborn Stickers From Glass Like a Pro

The Complete Guide to Sticker Removal From Glass

Stickers on glass can be quite tricky to remove, whether they are from a playful child, a forgotten seasonal decoration, or a manufacturer’s label. In this guide, we reveal the hidden steps to completely eliminate the stickers and their stubborn remnants from murky glass surfaces, using everyday household items. Say goodbye to those pesky annoyances and enjoy the fresh sight of sparkling, clean glass!

Slicing the Sticker

Slicing the Sticker

Before you even think about soaking the sticker, it’s time to break out the box cutter, razor, or sharp knife. For water-resistant stickers, carefully carve shallow lines into the surface. These lines allow water (our next step) to seep into the paper side of the sticker, loosening it from behind the glossy finish. Remember, more lines mean better water penetration.

Soak in Soap and Water

Soak in Soap and Water

Good old soap and water are the secret weapons against even the most stubborn stickers. If the sticker is on a small item, place it in a sink or bath, add a bit of dish soap, and fill it with warm water. Wait an hour, and watch the sticker dissolve. For larger surfaces, dampen a paper towel with soapy water, lay it over the sticker, and wait. If it’s still stuck, reapply and wait a bit longer. Once the sticker’s grip is weakened, use a credit card, spatula, or razor blade to scrape off any remaining paper bits. This step ensures a clean surface for the final battle against glue residue.

Tackling the Glue

If glue residue remains, it’s time to break out the solvents. Vinegar can do the trick. Pour your chosen solvent on a clean rag, hold it over the residue for a minute, then gently rub the spot until the glue is gone. For more stubborn glue, fats like cooking oil or peanut butter can help. Rub them into the glue, and you’ll see it give way. Decal glue? Try a hairdryer on low heat to melt the residue, making it easier to remove.

A Sparkling Finish With DIY Glass Cleaner

Once the glue is history, give your glass a finishing touch. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle for an effective, budget-friendly glass cleaner. Spritz it on and wipe your glass surfaces to restore their shine. With these steps, you’ll conquer stickers and their residue, leaving your glass surfaces looking pristine once again. Say goodbye to sticky annoyances for good!

Revamp Your Space With Periwinkle for a More Calming and Productive Ambience

The Trendy Hue Soothes Your Senses and Boosts Your Mood

If you want to add a touch of color to your home, Periwinkle is the way to go! Color experts and designers agree that this shade brings a beautiful balance of joy and relaxation. Last year, Pantone named ‘Very Peri’ the ‘Color of the Year,’ solidifying Periwinkle’s popularity in interior designs and decors. Let’s explore all about Periwinkle.

Pairing the Color

Periwinkle belongs to the indigo family, sitting between blue and violet on the color wheel. With a pale blue appearance with hints of lavender, it’s a soothing and visually pleasing hue. Named after the Periwinkle plant, this color offers a calming ambiance to your home. Metallic tones and neutrals are safe choices to pair with Periwinkle for larger spaces. For a crisp combination, consider shades of green like mint or sage. To create a striking look, try pairing cooler Periwinkle tones with warmer colors like salmon pink, yellow, or orange.

Living Room

The versatile shade of periwinkle injects playful freshness and joy into your living area. It can be used on various materials, finishes, and textures, such as paint, wallpaper, and textiles. Start by adding small accents like vibrant blooms, decorative platters, or throw pillows. For a bolder impact, create a low-commitment accent wall behind a sofa using paint or stick-on wallpaper.



Periwinkle in your kitchen can provide a lively burst of color. Swap typical kitchen-specific neutral hues for a bolder choice. Renew your wood cabinets with Periwinkle paint or incorporate the color through vases filled with violet-blue blooms, cookbooks wrapped in Periwinkle scrapbook paper, or Periwinkle bowls, area rugs, and dish towels.

Creative Corner

Periwinkle is an ideal choice for personal spaces, crafting areas, home offices, or reading nooks. The color’s hues have calming effects on mood, focus, and performance. Transform your creative space with Periwinkle accents like a cozy blanket or a light-purple velvet footstool. Incorporate plush textured items and break up the color with artwork or hanging drapes for balance.