Puppy Looks for Fluffy Dogs to Nap on While in Daycare

Some people can fall asleep practically anywhere, and most of us know dogs that will do the same. However, that doesn’t mean some picky ones in the bunch don’t prefer the comfiest spots to rest their eyes. Edna is one of the picky ones. She’s a dog searching for some of the fluffiest and softest places to take her naps ever since she was a puppy.

Dog taking a nap
Puppy Looks for Fluffy Dogs to Nap on While in Daycare

Puppy Naps in Daycare

Edna has been going to daycare ever since she was a puppy, and her routine was always the same. She would run around and play with toys and other dogs for a few hours, and once she was exhausted, she would go on a hunt for a cozy spot to relax and take a nap.

At doggie daycare, many other dogs are searching for the same thing – a comfy bed to sleep on. With high competition and little chance for a pup like her to snag a bed to nap on, Edna was innovative. She started picking fluffy dogs that were also at the daycare to nap on and use them as her pillow.

Two dogs napping on a couch
Puppy Looks for Fluffy Dogs to Nap on While in Daycare

Whether it was on their bodies, tails, or only between their legs, Edna would find a way to get comfy. Brianna Gottfried, one of Edna’s owners, mentioned that the other dogs seemed to enjoy her company, even the tiniest dogs.

Continuing Her Napping When She Got Older

Edna continued to grow from a puppy to a dog. However, her search for the right napping spot didn’t stop, and she kept finding other dogs to sleep on. Even though she was larger, her daycare friends didn’t mind, and she continued to use them as pillows.

Gottfried said that whenever she came to pick up her puppy from the daycare, she had to peel her off the other dogs.