Top Piercing Trends That Are About to Take Over in 2021

Piercing Fans of creative self-expression have certainly thought about getting a piercing or two at some point. Making such a bold change can certainly be tempting, but decisions involving piercings, tattoos, and similar permanent changes should always be carefully considered. Before making an appointment with a trusted specialist, look into different trends to find those most appealing to you, including those that experts are predicting for 2021.

Constellation Ear Piercing

The Big Dipper - Constellation Ear Piercing
Constellations are clusters of stars that form an outline of a pattern. They were given names of mythological beings, creatures, animals, and inanimate objects through the years. Although constellations have many practical roles and provide many outdoor enthusiasts with a stunning tapestry to gaze upon at night, constellations are also becoming an ear-piercing trend. Many experts have seen an increased number of customers asking for clusters of small piercings that form different constellations. It’s definitely a stellar look!

Ear Asymmetry

Ear Asymmetry piercing designBreaking out of the mold of having two of the same piercings on both ears, people are looking for something more fun, different, and unconventional. Asymmetry has become popular with each ear getting its own, special treatment. For example, people can choose to cover one ear in several dainty hoops, while the other is decorated with a cluster of tiny diamond studs or a line of mismatched piercings of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to self-expression, anything goes!

Huggie Hoops

Huggie Hoops piercingsMany people are choosing to add a number of small and dainty gold hoops, sometimes decorated with tiny diamond studs. They’re called huggie hoops because they hug the outline of the earlobe and are quite tight-fitting. In most cases, people are choosing to line up several of them on one lobe. During 2020 and the beginning of 2021, piercers have seen fewer people asking for cartilage piercing, so the huggie hoops are mostly lined up on the lobes.