Boost Your Inner Health With Spiritual Baths

Boost Your Inner Health With Spiritual Baths

The trend of spiritual baths is currently dominating TikTok feeds worldwide. An elevated version of the common bubble bath, spiritual baths are almost an art form and can be the perfect antidote to a stressful day. This truly indulgent bathing ritual is blissfully enriching for physical and mental health. Here’s the recipe to create one for yourself:

Setting the Scene

For spiritual baths, setting up the perfect scene is highly essential. For this, pick peaceful music. You can find a great meditation playlist for inspiration online easily. Candles are also great for setting a spiritual ambiance. Use incense or a diffuser to take the whole thing up a notch! Rich in aromatherapy, incense and diffusers have great therapeutic benefits like reducing headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Adding Some Crystals

Boost Your Inner Health With Spiritual Baths

According to common belief, crystals absorb negative energy and transmit positive energy by shifting blockages. That’s why crystals are thought to help transport energy around our bodies. Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, and Adele all like to use crystals. So, before taking baths, place crystals around the bathtub to elevate your level of calmness. For the novices in crystal healing, Amethyst is the best choice. It helps with intuition, balances emotions, boosts immunity, and reduces negative energy influences.

Adding Necessary Ingredients

The TikTok-trendy video makers generally add Florida water to their baths. It’s special spiritual water believed to enhance the art of any ritual. But the options of add-on ingredients are endless! To moisturize dry skin, add a bit of tea tree oil. Himalayan salt or Epsom salt is useful to soften and soothe sensitive skin affected by sunburn, psoriasis, sprains, or bruises. Lemons are the trick to treating oily skin. Also if you’re feeling fancy, throw in some bay leaves, mint, sage, lavender, and rose petals to relax stiff muscles and reduce stress. After that, all you have to do is to dunk in your bathwater and relax!

Simone Ashley Talks About the Joys of Doing a Traditional Indian Wedding Scene in Bridgerton

The regency romance, Bridgerton, has taken the world by storm for its opulent settings, distinctive clothes, and stupendous love stories. Season 2 of the show depicts the story of Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley, as she falls in love with a viscount. Kate and her sister, Edwina, are both Indian, and the show makes references to and depicts Hindu traditions. Simone Ashley, who hails from an Indian family herself, talks about how participating in the Indian traditions brought back childhood memories.

The Portrayal

One of the most powerful portrayals of Indian traditions in the sophomore run of Bridgerton is the Haldi Ceremony, a pre-wedding ritual. In this scene, Haldi, or turmeric, is put upon the bride (Edwina) by her sister and mother. Ashley and her co-star Charithra Chandran had a voice in all these scenes for which elements should be included and what should be eliminated. Simone Ashley also said that it was the first time she had ever seen something like it, and filming it with Charithra and Shelley Conn, who played their mother, brought back similar memories of childhood. She also spoke about how she had learned a lot from Charithra for her cultural contributions. She also credited Shondaland, the production company, for being immaculate and thorough in their research.

The Next Season

Bridgerton‘s second season debuted on Netflix in the summer and followed Ashley and actor, Jonathan Bailey, as Anthony Bridgerton indulging in a steamy but forbidden romance. Every season of the show follows a central lead couple’s story, while a secondary story runs in the background. Ashley is all set to return for the show’s third season, which will focus on another Bridgerton sibling, Colin (Luke Newton), and his friendship-to-lovers story with the infamous Lady Whistledown, known in polite society as Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). Ashley stated that she was very excited to pass the baton to Luke and Nicola and was very excited to see how their stories go.