Ex-Paramedic Dementia Patient Relives Memories From His 1960s Ambulance Worker Days

It’s a Blast From the Past

The internet can be a very wholesome place. Be it just through pictures of cute animals or general sweet gestures from people; there are a lot of instances that restore faith in humanity. One such example is the recent experience that 98-year-old Albert Gibbs had. A veteran and a dementia patient, Albert got to relive his days as a paramedic in the 1960s when two paramedics visited him in period uniforms and a 1960s ambulance.

Instant Recollection

Driving up to his care home in Essex in an original 1967 Morris Wadhams ambulance, paramedics Terence Thomson and Craig Henty helped Gibbs remember special details about his 25-year career. Reminiscing, Gibbs spoke about how he wore the same hat and uniform. He also stated that their badge was similar to his, from when he worked at the northeast sector, sometimes in Liliford and sometimes in Romford. He also recalled some heroic incidents, stating that he once delivered five babies and saved a person from an accident.

Gibbs on the Force

Gibbs on the Force

Gibbs joined the paramedic force in 1965 through a new London-wide service that came to be known as the London Ambulance Service. Gibbs was part of the busiest emergency ambulance service in the world. Seeing the effects of the incident on Gibbs, Tracy McGuinness, the head nurse at the Elizabeth House Care Home, mentioned that visual and sensory cues can help dementia patients with their memories. Paramedic Henty elaborated on the experience of meeting Gibbs, saying that sitting with the ex-paramedic in the ambulance felt like the two had just gotten off a job. He commented that Gibbs’s familiarity and mannerisms in the vehicle were a sign of somebody who had worked in one before. One of the instances that Hentley found most fascinating was Gibbs sitting with his feet resting on the rail, a true sign of an ambulance crew member!

5 Ways to Incorporate Regular Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

Working out is that one activity that ends up on most people’s to-do list during random bursts of energy and enthusiasm. However, more often than not, that activity gets removed from the list just as quickly because of the overabundance of other responsibilities, obligations, and simply a lack of time. Regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy, which is why we’re ready to share 5 great tricks for introducing this ritual into one’s everyday routine!

5 Ways to Incorporate Regular Exercise Into a Busy ScheduleChoose an Appealing Exercise Activity

It’s more likely that a person will keep their exercise appointment if they choose an activity they really like. It could be swimming lessons that activate all the muscle groups and teach a valuable skill. Others may find yoga and all its calming and energizing properties more to their liking. Even if you choose to shop around and try a different activity every week until you find one that suits you, you will still be exercising regularly!

Schedule Exercising Sessions Like Appointments

It’s always good to have a visual reminder of plans, whether they involve shopping, cleaning, or exercising. If you’re a person that enjoys structure and follows through on plans, try penciling in exercising in your calendar or set reminders on your phone. This visual prompt will help keep you motivated and make sure the workouts turn into a routine part of your week.

Work Out With a Buddy

If a person starts feeling demotivated about working out or keeping workout appointments, having a buddy system in place could mean a great deal. Having a friend or a significant other join you for workouts or sports activities will turn an obligation into a fun time spent with loved ones.

Work on a Better Sleep Schedule

Many people don’t dedicate time to regular exercise simply because there is no time to spare in their busy schedules. A possible solution is implementing a better sleep schedule that will keep you well-rested, energized, and increase the number of active hours you have throughout the day. Try going to bed and getting up a bit earlier, and give yourself time to adjust to the new rhythm.

Incorporate Workouts Into Everyday Activities

Too busy to work out because there’s dinner to prepare and a house to clean? Any household task can be turned into a creative exercise. Do a few squats as you load the dishwasher. Fit in a few lunges as you’re picking up your kids’ toys. Jog in place while mixing the tomato sauce as it cooks. Every minute spent working out counts!