TikTok Loves This Cherry Cola Hair Trend — Celeb Stylists Reveal Why You’ll Want to Try It

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There’s a fun, fresh beauty trend that’s taking the internet by storm—cherry cola hair! With its blend of dark brown hues and vibrant undertones that remind one of the iconic soda, this look is making a serious comeback. Celebrity stylists and beauty gurus are diving into this ’90s-inspired trend, revealing how it can dial back the years and make you appear younger and more vibrant.

Radiant Transformation for Lackluster Locks

Celebrity stylist David Lopez champions cherry cola hair for its ability to reflect light, imparting a vibrant, healthy sheen to your hair without the drying impact of bleaching. Lopez notes its bold yet wearable nature, offering comfort and confidence, especially for those who are graying but don’t want to be. It’s a great way to liven up your hair without going to extremes.

With its reddish-brown tones, cherry cola hair complements diverse skin tones. For cool and fair tones, it amplifies the natural porcelain-like quality of the skin. On the other hand, medium and olive tones are infused with warmth, enhancing the complexion’s radiance. For darker skin tones, cherry-cola hair provides a subtle yet striking contrast without being overwhelming.

Enhancing Youth and Vibrance

The reflective depth of cherry cola hair softens aging facial features, accentuating distinctive aspects. For lighter eyes, this hue brings a captivating contrast, especially highlighting shades of blue and green. It’s a stunning accent for a youthful, lively appeal.

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Beyond its visual impact, cherry cola hair instills confidence and vitality. Beyond concealing grays and elevating eye-catching shine, this intensified color encourages more adventurous hairstyles, cuts, and wardrobe choices, inspiring a sense of vibrancy and playfulness. If you’re looking to change up your style and do something different, there’s nothing better than a hair color change.

Maintaining Cherry Cola Hair

Maintaining cherry cola hair demands special attention. Experts recommend color maintenance shampoo and conditioner. Celebrity hairstylists also advise against super hot water during hair washing, instead opting for a lukewarm temperature to help retain the color’s longevity and brilliance. They also recommend a root touch-up and base color refresh every six weeks. This routine prevents noticeable color discrepancies and helps maintain the color.

Whether you decide to try cherry cola hair or not, it’s undeniable that this is a hair trend that looks good regardless of age or skin tone, making it one worth considering!

New Research Offers a Curious Insight Into the Selective Taste of Mosquitos

Getting bitten by mosquitos is a pretty common hazard. But, if you observe closely, you’ll realize that mosquitoes seem to have a fondness for some humans but not at all for others. That’s why some people always end up being bitten by mosquitoes while others roam scratch-free. A new study has focused on the reason behind it. The closer we come to understanding the cause, the nearer we get to tackling the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

The New Study

Previously, genes, sweat, and blood types have been commonly touted as the reasons behind this biting phenomenon of mosquitos. But, new research has suggested that the acid composition of our skin can be the deciding factor here. The odor of the human skin is composed of a blend of organic acidic compounds, and it can change over time. Not obvious areas like armpit, but it’s the less obvious smells around the open parts of the body that makes a person more prone to mosquito and other insect bites.

The Research Process

For conducting the study, researchers collected samples of human skin odor in two categories. Two separate groups were formed — one with the people who get bitten by mosquitoes more than often, and the other with the lucky ones who aren’t such victims of mosquito bites. They asked both groups to wear nylon stockings on their forearms for a certain period. Then they compared the odor of the people from the two groups.

The New Finding

The results of the study revealed that a particular person’s attractiveness to mosquitoes is related to an abundance of carboxylic acids, which are organic acids containing a carboxyl group. This attractiveness can continue for months. But, the study authors have refrained from pinpointing excessive carboxylic acids as the only cause as they couldn’t find a specific pattern of contributing skin odor factors in the group of people unattractive to mosquitos.