Bindi Irwin Talks About Honoring Her Dad at Her Wedding

Steve Irwin was well known for caring for wildlife in Australia. After passing away from a stingray attack as he was filming in the Great Barrier Reef, his family continued his legacy. His daughter, Bindi Irwin, is all grown up now and even married her childhood sweetheart.

Steve Irwin poses with his daughter Bindi Irwin October 2, 2005 in Uluru, Australia.
Bindi Irwin Talks About Honoring Her Dad at Her Wedding

The Irwin family owns Australia Zoo, which consists of almost 1000 acres of land and has more than 400 staff. It was initially started from a small wildlife park that Steve’s family moved to when he was only a kid.

Bindi was regularly featured in Steve’s documentaries as a little girl. At his memorial service, Bindi read a eulogy for her dad when she was only eight years old.

Bindi Irwin and Her Sweetheart

Bindi met Chandler Powell while he was visiting the Australia Zoo when they were both teenagers. They were a perfect match as Chandler has a similar passion for animals, just like Bindi Irwin.

As Bindi celebrated her 21st birthday with her friends and family in 2019, Chandler popped the question, and they got engaged.

She shared the news on her Instagram in a post that said he was the love of her life, and for the past six years, they had been through a whirlwind of adventure and pure happiness.

Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin and Robert Iwin. Chandler is holding ‘piggy’ and Robert is holding ‘Stella’
Bindi Irwin Talks About Honoring Her Dad at Her Wedding

Bindi Gets Married

Chandler also posted to his Instagram once the couple got married, stating that they had to change most of their wedding plans after a year of planning it due to the global pandemic. Even though they didn’t have guests at their wedding, they were able to have a beautiful day that they both cherished.

Bindi Irwin’s mom helped her get ready while her brother, Robert, walked her down the aisle. After Bindi and Chandler said “I Do,” the two lit a candle in her dad’s memory.

The location of their wedding was unique because it was where Steve used to film regularly. They also had a large picture blown up of her dad and his dog Sui placed on an easel so that her mom and brother would stand next to her dad as the couple exchanged vows.

The bouquet that Bindi carried as she walked down the aisle was finished with a bow made out of khaki material, Steve’s favorite color.