Follow the Viral Claw Clip Tutorial for an Easy and Sleek Updo

The claw clip was at the peak of its popularity back in the 1990s, but it seems that this humble clip is making a comeback! This clip has been making many appearances in the Instagram feed and one TikTok tutorial, in particular, has gone viral because of its simplicity and elegance. So if you’ve been aching to put your claw clips into good use, now is the time!

Follow the Viral Claw Clip Tutorial for an Easy and Sleek Updo
Claw Clips are Back in Style

Recent images and Insta clips show that many celebrities and trendsetters are supporting the comeback of the useful and versatile claw clip. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Millie Bobby Brown are just a few of them! These clips are available in so many shapes and styles, from pastel to pearled, opaque, clear, and bedazzled. This means it’s easy to make a sleek and professional updo or add a little sparkle to your hairstyle with ease.

Why It’s Great to Own a Claw Clip or Two

There are many reasons why these clips are definitely worth having. They’re super easy to use and very versatile when it comes to creating different hairstyles. It’s strong so it can do a bit of heavy lifting, which is perfect for heavier hair. The countless beautiful styles they come in lead to endless options for eye-catching or subtle hairstyles. Lastly, they are excellent for creating hairstyles that make you look professional.

Follow This Popular TikTok Tutorial

TikTok user, Molly Fritz, shared a very easy and effective tutorial that quickly went viral. She has upwards of 27.1k followers on the app. This updo beauty hack is fairly simple to follow. Shake out your hair and gather it between the thumb and index finger. Spiral the hair around the thumb while pulling it upwards over the back of the head. Hold the hair in place and secure it with your favorite claw clip. This quick and reliable beauty hack is sure to come in handy!