An Inside Look Into the Latest Skincare Trend of Slugging

We know all about washing, toning, moisturizing. But, slugging? Well, slugging is one of the most recent skincare trends, highly documented across social media by influencers. Like most social media trends, this one also needs a thorough check before it is included in your daily regime. And as this is related to skin, expert opinions are a must! Here is everything you need to know about slugging, and the professionals’ view on this trend.

What is Slugging

This vogue experience is all about moisturizing your facial skin. But what’s new is that instead of our regular moisturizers, this one calls for petroleum-based jelly or similarly thick products to act as the moisturizing barrier. Slugging is nothing but another term for night-time moisturizing, where you coat your face with a moisturizing product like Vaseline or Aquaphor, before going to bed. And, that’s it! Really!

The Pros

According to dermatologists, slugging offers some benefit to the skin, as thick petroleum jelly-like products contain supreme moisturizing properties. Their glueyness makes them stable and prolonged while in contact with exposed skin, which can help in improving the skin barrier. And thus, slugging can be effective to heal dry, cracked or irritated winter skin.

The Cons

According to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby, petroleum-based skincare products can be problematic for people with oily complexions. These products can be comedogenic and cause blackheads in oily skins. So, your skin has to be dry, flaky, or inflamed to be ‘slugged’. Otherwise, the process will do nothing but increase the hazards!

The Final Verdict

It seems that slugging is certainly safe and beneficial, but for the right person. But calling the process an effective skincare hack to fight dry skin is more like making a glass of water an incredible weapon to quench thirst! It’s nothing but euphemizing the obvious! So in a nutshell, continue with your regular skincare regime, and slug away, only if and when needed.