What Finsta Means and How to Explain It to Baby Boomers

Finsta is a term that was coined by Gen Z and it’s a combination of two words – fake and Instagram. Although it might sound very intriguing and mysterious, most accounts of this type are used to indulge a secret K-pop fandom or another hobby. Google Trends showed that, recently, there were more online searches for this enigmatic term than ever before.

What Finsta Means and How to Explain It to Baby Boomers
Why Gen Z Came Up With Finsta

Many members of Gen Z feel like their Finsta accounts are more personal, real, and private than their public accounts. It’s a place where one can show their genuine and vulnerable self and keep close connections with people they care about, while the public account is a showcase of one’s general interests. Instead of having to take only high-quality photos that are touched up to generate likes, the private account can be used for mundane, everyday photos of pets, food, and friends.

How Millennials Use It

For millennials, finsta is often a way to enjoy posting about a hobby without worrying that their friends will get sick of the constant flow of cupcake pictures and recipes. The main account is public and available to everyone, including family, friends, coworkers, and clients, that don’t necessarily have to see every meal you’ve had or every trip to the park with your pets. Other millennials use their private accounts to follow friends or famous people.

Explaining Finsta to Baby Boomers

Now that many parents and grandparents are on social media, they might find it concerning that their children and grandchildren have secret private accounts. There’s a simple way to explain this without making the accounts sound shady and mysterious. Simply put, main social media accounts can be used by prospective employers for research purposes and for people who don’t know you to try and define who you are. That’s why one is more selective of what to post there, while a private account won’t leave a Googlable footprint, so it’s a good place to post everyday life and party antics.