Classy Portraits of Pets: Here Is How to Make the Right Ones

Pet photos can be found all over social media, and one would assume that they are pretty simple to take. However, that’s not the case with all pets. Chances are that your pet likes to move around, especially when the camera comes out.

Husky with a hat - classy pets collection
Classy Portraits of Pets: Here Is How to Make the Right Ones

Taking Photos of Your Pets

You might notice that all the photos in your camera roll that feature your pet don’t capture their true beauty. The key to taking a good and classy portrait isn’t having the most expensive camera equipment. Here are some tips you may want to consider trying when trying to get classy photos of your pets.

1. Choose the Right Time and Place

It’s important to have your pet as calm as possible, so take them to a place they’re familiar with. Pets are typically more relaxed after they’ve eaten or before they’ve napped. This can be the perfect time to take a photo. Take the photos in front of an uncluttered wall. To take action shots, you can go to your backyard or a park.

2. Lose the Flash

Flash can scare your pet, and it also gives them red eyes in photos. Natural light is always best for photos, but using clip-on lights or lamps indoors can help.

3. Adjust the Settings

Weimaraner yellow leaves
Classy Portraits of Pets: Here Is How to Make the Right Ones

Most smartphones these days have the option to adjust the camera settings. Using portrait mode to focus on your pets often works best, but try adjusting the brightness, too. You may also consider turning on “burst mode,” which takes multiple photos so that you can choose the perfect one later.

4. Set it Up

Having someone behind the camera with a treat or toy can help get your pet focus on one direction. You can also use a self-timer and help distract the pet yourself if no one else is with you. Play with different photo angles, too.

5. Edit

You don’t need photoshop to edit photos. A simple light and color adjustment can turn an ordinary photo into THE photo. Crop, straighten, even add a filter to the photos, and enjoy stunning images of your pets.