AI Artist Helps People Turn Pictures to Renaissance Portraits

Almost everyone has a lot of time on their hands these days with quarantines in place. Boredom causes people to do many things, including trying things out for the first time. One of the most random things it’s caused people to do recently is turning themselves into the Mona Lisa. An AI artist, Sato or AI Gahuku, came up with an AI app that turns regular pictures into Renaissance paintings.

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AI Artist Helps People Turn Pictures to Renaissance Portraits

An AI App That Made People Go Crazy

These paintings have caused people to go crazy on social media since everyone is excited to see the results. Some remakes aren’t so closely related to their original photos, which is making people feel like “the app did them dirty.” However, others believe it’s spot-on.

AI Gahuku’s new app was an instant hit on social media platforms, but a user pointed out that the app is actually more flawed than some might expect. The app had shown racial bias as it would lighten the skin tone of the original picture. People speculate that it’s something due to AI functions.

Ed Sheeran - AI renaissance
AI Artist Helps People Turn Pictures to Renaissance Portraits

Most AI algorithms are taught by human programming and raw data. The more data is gathered, the more it can teach itself. That’s where it can go wrong.

How the Idea Came to Be

When Bored Panda reached out to Sato to see how the AI artist came up with the idea for the app, they discovered that he’s not a programming rookie like expected. He spends his time developing web apps from scratch.

Sato has a desire to entertain people, which is how the app was born. He decided to utilize his programming skills to create the app, but he didn’t expect it to go viral the way it did. When asked about the app’s operation method, Sata decided to keep things mysterious by adding that it’s his own little secret.