5 Cozy Spring Break Essentials: Podcasts, Pajamas & More!

Turn to Podcasts This Winter

Man laying in bed with his headphones on, listening to podcastsWho said the only way to truly enjoy your winter break is to binge-watch Netflix shows until you bleed? How about you get into your comfy pajamas, let your eyes rest from screens for a bit, and instead tune in to one of the many great podcasts available online? Here are five awesome podcast shows worthy of your attention!

1. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama Visits The Tacoma Public Library
The Michelle Obama Podcast is available on Spotify, and it’s certainly a much-awaited break from the reality of these pandemic times. In it, the former First Lady delves deep into the relationships and people in our lives that make it great and make us who we are. Put on a Fe Noel cozy robe, open a bottle of Vesper Wine (profits go to kids in underfunded communities), and sink into Michelle’s soothing voice and wisdom.

2. Priority Standing

Podcast host Nicole Chapoteau
Fashion lovers, rejoice! There’s finally an awesome podcast to fuel your design-seeking hearts. Fashion Director Nicole Chapoteau joins fashion veterans Jennifer Yee, Tiffany Reid, and Jarrod Lacks for a conversation on the past, present, and future of all things fashion. Put on your Olivia van Halle silk pajamas and get listenin’!

3. Crime Junkie

The Crime Junkie podcast hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat
Nothing pulls a listener in like a good crime story, and there sure are many on the Crime Junkie podcast. Delivered by hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, this one is not to miss. From tales of infamous convicts to lesser-known stories that send chills down your spine, you will love this podcast. Pour a glass of 19 Crimes wine for extra flair and get into Desmond & Dempsey pajamas to complete the criminal experience.

4. Home Cooking

Home Cooking podcast host Samin Nosrat
If there’s one thing that the pandemic has made us all reconsider (or rediscover), it’s cooking at home. So, if crime or relationship podcasts don’t seem practical enough for you, then Home Cooking surely will grab your attention. Get endless recipe ideas and important basic lessons from hosts Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway while enjoying a glass of Haus wine in your favorite pajamas.

5. Armchair Expert

Dax Shepard while hosting his podcast, Armchair Expert
Sink into your armchair as you go on a journey of honesty and vulnerable conversations with actor and podcast host Dax Shepard as he’s joined by a list of icons like Hilary Clinton, Natalie Portman, Anna Faris, and Bill Nye. If you’ve had your eye on a Gucci pajama set, now is the time to get it as it will perfectly match Dax’s style (including his blue nail polished left hand). Enjoy!