2024’s Biggest Wedding Trends

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Wedding trends are always changing with the times. Of course, the most important element of your wedding day is starting a life together with the person you love. That said, don’t you want to do so in a way that’s up-to-date? Stay on trend with this guide to the biggest wedding fads of 2024!

Retro Vibes

They say that if you think you’re unfashionable, you should just wait because all trends come full circle. That seems to be what’s happened with retro vibes, as it’s making a comeback – and in a big way. Disposable cameras, vinyl records, extravagant cakes, and laid-back vibes are all in style right now.

Themed Weddings

What’s a party without a theme? Themed weddings are in right now, and people are going wild with them! Did you and your partner meet at Disneyland? Have a Disney-themed wedding! Did you get engaged in Paris? Make your wedding look like the City of Lights. Choose a theme that’s personal and authentic to your relationship.

Colorful Weddings

Gone are the days when everybody’s wedding was full of muted colors that were just a shade darker than white. Nowadays, the brighter and bolder your wedding is, the better. Think orange and Barbie pink, rather than pearl or dusty rose. The more colorful your wedding is, the more it’ll stand out.

Remembering What’s Important

As much as an unforgettable party is important, couples today are focusing on the main reason for the wedding. Ceremonies are getting smaller, with guest lists of the couple’s nearest and dearest rather than friends of friends or colleagues they never speak to. Destination weddings are increasing in popularity, as are small weddings in a backyard or a restaurant, rather than big, expensive parties.

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After all, it’s about celebrating your love – not going broke.