All the 2024 Movies We Can’t Wait to See

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The year 2024 promises to be one to remember for movie buffs worldwide. From much-awaited sequels to groundbreaking originals, the roster has something for everybody. Here are 8 movies that audiences can’t wait to see this year!

Mean Girls and It Ends With Us

This high school drama hit is back on January 12, but with new faces this time! The Mean Girls reboot is sure to be packed with as much mayhem as the first one but accompanied by music and updated themes. Many familiar faces are said to make an appearance too, making this one all the more special.

On February 9, Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brandon Sklenar are ready to make the audiences cry in the heart-wrenching adaptation of the TikTok famous Colleen Hoover novel It Ends With Us. After a lot of delay, the movie is all set to bring to life the emotional story of love and heartbreak.

Madame Web and Dune: Part 2

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney are all set to head into the Marvel Universe in Madame Web on February 14, swinging their way with some serious spidey skills. The pair are going to be slinging webs, seeing the future, and setting the screen on fire.

On March 1, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part 2 will finally be released. The film was highly anticipated in 2023 but faced delays, shifting its US release to March 2024. The conclusion to Frank Herbert’s sci-fi saga will feature a lot more of Zendaya, who had a brief role in the first part, as well as the incredible Florence Pugh.

Challengers and The Fall Guy

Get ready for a tangled love match! Luca Guadagnino’s tennis love triangle film Challengers stars Zendaya as Tashi, Mike Faist as Art, and Josh O’Connor as Patrick, and a Grand Slam competition that turns into a sexy and intriguing cinematic affair, coming out on April 26.

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Barbieheimer might be a thing of 2023, but stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Bluntare are still on top of their games. The sizzling chemistry of the actors, who play the roles of exes reuniting in The Fall Guy, coming out on May 3, is bound to make this one a thrilling ride.

Inside Out 2 and Beetlejuice 2

On June 14, Amy Poehler returns as Joy in the much-awaited and possibly adorable sequel Inside Out 2. In this, Riley graduates from school and heads off to college, encountering new emotions along the way.

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Tim Burton’s 1988 film Beetlejuice‘s sequel was one nobody thought they needed until the announcement dropped. Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton will reunite in this darkly comedic tale, with the addition of Jenna Ortega, and fans can’t wait.

76-year-old Ph.D. Student Finally Graduates After Starting His Research Five Decades Ago

Like most other Ph.D. students, Dr. Nick Axten said that it took him a really long time to get his doctoral thesis in order. Unlike most other Ph.D. students, this newly-graduated doctor is 76 years old! And it took him a good five decades to finally graduate with his Ph.D. at the University of Bristol in mathematical sociology.

The Long Journey

Dr. Nick Axten started his research journey way back in 1970, receiving the prestigious Fulbright Research Scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh. But he returned to the UK after five years, leaving his research unfinished. As Dr. Axten explained, he was trying to do something “exceptionally difficult” at that time, during the early ’70s. According to him, some problems were too complex to grasp within a limited period, and it could take the better part of a lifetime to get the hang of them. Seven years ago, he restarted his education at Bristol, intending to finish an M.A. before starting over with a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Last year, aged 75, he finally finished his doctoral dissertation. And this year, he officially became a graduate and received his degree in front of Claire and Freya, his wife and 11-year-old granddaughter, respectively.

The Doctoral Research

After graduating, Dr. Axten now hopes to publish his Ph.D. research thesis, which builds on the ideas he was working on in the USA five decades ago. In his research, the visionary scholar proposes a new theory of understanding general human behavior based on the personal value each of us holds. According to him, this new theory has enough potential to change the traditional view of behavioral psychology by shedding new light on it. During his long and diverse career, Dr. Axten lived almost all over the UK and worked as the principal author and creator of Oxford Primary Science, a school teaching program with a new approach.