The Weeknd Closes Coachella 2022 as Headliner, Replacing Kanye West

The Weeknd closed out Coachella 2022 with a bang! After replacing Kanye West as headliner, the 32-year-old singer set the stage on fire on the last day of the music fest with his high-energy performance. Referring to this last-minute change, The Weeknd addressed the crowd by assuring them that he would always have Coachella’s back, whenever needed.

The Replacement

Swedish House Mafia was the co-headliner with The Weeknd at the annual arts and music festival in Indio, California. Just weeks before the show, the two headliner acts were announced, after the original headliner — Kanye West — pulled out of his scheduled performance. The replacement came after West was involved in a tumultuous public row with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, while also sending discomforting messages on Instagram. This was the vital altercation that was revealed at the last minute, leaving the prospective attendees confused and Kanye West fans heartbroken. But, it seems that the lightning performance by The Weeknd served as the best compensation ever! As he was on top of the bill back in 2018 also, this performance marked The Weeknd’s second time headlining act at the Coachella Festival.

The Performances

The carousel of performances by The Weeknd consisted of a huge 17-song set. The popular singer performed the songs that have spanned his famous career, including “Blinding Lights” and The Hills.” He also debuted a few songs from his latest album, titled Dawn FM. The number that swayed the audience the most was “Out of Time.” The Weeknd didn’t forget Kanye West altogether, though. He gave a nod to the rapper by singing his own verse from their collaborative “Donda number Hurricane.” Before The Weeknd’s performance, Swedish House Mafia performed a full-length set of their own. The Weeknd joined them for a performance of “Moth to a Flame,” a collaborative number from their new album Paradise Again.

All About the Hair Freezing Contest That Takes Place in Canada

The Hair Freezing Contest is a competition that takes place every year during the winter. Takhini Hot Springs is where contestants must go to freeze their hair and create cool, wacky, and fun hairstyles.

All About the Hair Freezing Contest That Takes Place in Canada

Win Money from Freezing Your Hair

Those who want to take part in the yearly competition have to go to Takhini Hot Springs during the campaign, usually between December and March. When you go, the outdoor temperature should be -20° Celsius, which will allow your hair to freeze.

Entrants will have to dip their heads into the hot springs while making sure to submerge their hair or beard fully. Once the hair is soaked, the styling process begins. Most people choose to create eye-catching shapes and designs with their hair as the stands freeze and develop frost.

For 2020, the total number of entries was 288, and five winners were presented. There was one winner for each category. The categories include Best Female, Best Male, Best Group, People’s Choice, and Most Creative. There is also a selection of wacky entries.

An Increase in Contestants

The Freezing Winners Get $2000
All About the Hair Freezing Contest That Takes Place in Canada

Each of the winners gets $2,000 in prize money and free soaks in the hot springs. Takhini Hot Springs is located about 20 minutes north of Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada. It’s run by Andrew Umbrich, who mentions they have found that there is a very strong correlation between the prize money and the effort that people put into their creations.

Last year, they had only four categories, and each winner received $750. However, this year they had five categories with $2,000 prizes. They even got Tim Hortons along with a Korean instant noodle company, Nongshim, to sponsor them.

With just a few touches — a newly developed website, sponsors, and more prize money — the founders of the competition were able to get more people to come out, compete, and win.