Behind Closed Curtains: Milo Ventimiglia’s Secret Wedding

Wikimedia Commons // Glenn Frances // © Glenn Francis,

In a plot twist even Rory Gilmore might find hard to believe, Milo Ventimiglia has quietly taken the plunge into marital bliss. The actor, best known for his roles in Gilmore Girls and This Is Us, exchanged vows in a discreet ceremony earlier this year, leaving fans both delighted and somewhat heartbroken.

Milo’s Low-Key Nuptials

Ventimiglia, 46, opted for an intimate affair, surrounded only by close family and friends. The clandestine nature of the ceremony is in line with the actor’s commitment to keeping his personal life out of the public eye.

Ventimiglia has long been known for his desire to maintain a sense of anonymity, allowing his characters to take center stage without the distraction of his off-screen persona. In a 2017 interview with People magazine, he shared that he likes to keep his private life private, as he well should. At least he’s committed.

Jarah Mariano: The Mystery Bride

Jarah Mariano is an American model. She’s 38, has over 43k followers on Instagram, and she wears weird bird t-shirts, apparently.

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Jarah-Evelyn Makalapua Mariano (full name) is best known for shoots with Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, and she appears to love the camera as much as she does Milo. Details about their relationship are few and far between—but as long as they’re happy, we’re happy!