Inside the Star-Studded 80th Birthday Bash of Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro Celebrates His 80th Birthday With Star Guests and a Grand Cake

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro marked his milestone 80th birthday with a glittering party that brought together friends and stars alike. The two-time Oscar winner’s big day was honored with a grand event at Locanda Verde, a restaurant he co-owns in New York City. This venue is nestled within the Greenwich Hotel, which also houses the Tribeca Film Center, marking a fitting connection for De Niro, a true Hollywood powerhouse.

A Sweet Tribute

A Sweet Tribute

Taking center stage at the celebration was an amazing cake that summed up De Niro’s illustrious career. The cake, a true masterpiece, rolled into the venue and caught everyone’s eye at once. It was a meticulous recreation of the Greenwich Hotel, complete with the Tribeca Screening Room and mini stadium seats— all crafted from edible materials. The cake even had an edible picture of Robert De Niro on the cinema screen, flashing a smile and adjusting his tie. The cake’s exterior mimicked the real hotel’s look, with its charming red awnings and brick design. The heartfelt message “Happy 80th Birthday Bob!” added a personal touch.

A Star-Studded Guest List

De Niro’s birthday party had an impressive lineup of guests from different fields. Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell brought their starry energy to the celebration. The esteemed director Francis Ford Coppola joined the party to wish the actor well. The presence of Star Wars creator George Lucas and renowned director Martin Scorsese added a touch of Hollywood magic. Also, De Niro’s co-star from A Bronx Tale, Chazz Palminteri, and the iconic Christopher Walken were present there. David Blaine, Bette Midler, and Jane Krakowski added more charm to the evening. De Niro’s daughter Drena shared a touching tribute online, echoing the feelings of everyone celebrating the actor’s incredible journey.

The Top 5 Makeup Trends That Experts Predict for the New Year 2022

Experts predict that makeup application in 2022 will be all about doing it so that it makes you feel good. The big theme for the new year will be individualized beauty. People will no longer contour their faces the same way or do their eyeshadow in blends that are traditionally considered “pretty.” Here are five more of the dominant makeup trends of 2022.

#1. Moody Makeup

The Top 5 Makeup Trends That Experts Predict for the New Year 2022 2022 will be the year of experimenting when it comes to makeup. People will tend to explore their personalities via makeup looks that will aim more at individual expression than perfection. At least, that’s what celebrity makeup artist Robin Black thinks will happen. She advises that to achieve this type of makeup look, a person has to let their mood take control rather than follow rules.

#2. Face-Lifting Techniques

On social media, you can find many videos where people teach how to achieve a lifted look for your face with makeup alone. One TikTok example is applying concealers to the outer corners of your eyes up toward the edges of the brows to create the illusion of wide-awake eyes. Another technique is shown by Lisa Eldridge, celebrity makeup artist, and Lancôme’s global creative director. It is applying lip liner in a way to make the lips look lifted and happier. First, the concealer is applied to the outer edges of the lips, acting as a guide. After that, the center of the bottom lip is overlined. When drawing up toward the corners, the liner is brought into the natural lip, avoiding the very edge.

#3. Bejeweled Eyes

The seeds of rhinestone-heavy makeup were planted into people’s minds by HBO’s Euphoria. According to Pinterest, the dazzling trend is here to stay. Last year saw a 110 percent increase in searches for crystal eye makeup. This fact indicates we’ll be seeing more sequins, glitter, pearls, and rhinestones in 2022.

#4. High-Shine Lips

High-shine lips are expected to make a major comeback in 2022, according to Mario Dedivanovic, a celebrity makeup artist. Mario thinks that high-shine lips create a playful and pouty look. They have other benefits when infused with skincare to treat lips. All it takes is adding some lip gloss to either bare lips or over the lipstick.

#5. Futuristic Embellishments

Rather than channel a blast from the past, opt for launching yourself to the future with this style of makeup. Robin black suggests that a person should make a statement by using faux tattoos, face stickers, and foils. These are easy to remove, and there’s no commitment involved.