Beyoncé Went Targaryen Blonde for the Renaissance Movie Premiere

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Beyoncé knows how to start trends, and her icy silver blonde hair at the Renaissance movie premiere certainly caught the media’s attention. When Queen Bey debuted the Targaryen blonde, she immediately became an internet sensation. This is the singer’s latest hair experiment after she successfully flaunted the more butterscotchy Chantilly blonde over the fall season.

The Walk of Silver

For her debut as a dragon-taming relative, Beyoncé chose an ensemble that gives shield vibes, all silver and metallic. She wore a tight, shiny Versace dress made of chainmail with matching shiny gloves and sparkly diamond earrings. Her new hair cascaded past her waist.

For makeup, the “Single Ladies” singer opted for a shiny silver and gold glitter on her eyes that started light near the inner corners and turned into a golden shade in the middle. Her lashes were long and dark, and she had sharp black winged eyeliner that made her eyes pop. To finish it off, she wore a peachy nude lip color that tied everything together perfectly.

The Return of the Icy Blonde

The Targaryen Blonde, a nod to the hit Game of Thrones TV series, has been spotted making waves recently with celebrities like Halsey, Ciara, and Meryl Streep also sporting it. The resurgence of interest in this particular shade, especially with the Game of Thrones prequel and its focus on House Targaryen, seems to have sparked a wave of excitement on social media.

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The TikTok filter and the overwhelming response to the #targaryenblonde hashtag is a direct response to so many Targareyens taking over the small screen with their complex issues and never-ending drama.

Phone Battery Preservation: A Tech Expert’s Tips

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The constant struggle to preserve battery life can be a source of daily frustration. However, a tech luminary on TikTok, recognized as @android2tech, claims to have unveiled a game-changing solution for Android users. Here it is.

The Privacy Power Move

On your Android device, go to ‘Settings.’ Go to the ‘Privacy’ category, where a toggle adjacent to ‘Send diagnostic data’ awaits your attention. Deselect the two options under the diagnostic data information before confirming the changes with a tap on ‘OK.’

While some users found themselves puzzled by the seemingly unconventional connection between privacy settings and battery life, the prevailing sentiment was that it really does work.

Additional Battery Boosters

@android2tech’s videos also share two additional tips to maximize battery performance. In ‘Settings,’ specifically within ‘Battery and device care,’ users are encouraged to explore ‘Background usage limits’ and ‘Deep sleeping apps.’

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This entails selecting infrequently used apps and adding them to a list, potentially enhancing overall device efficiency.

Auto-Optimize for a Power-Packed Phone

The tech guru’s insights extend to the ‘Device care’ tab, revealing another layer of optimization. Clicking on the three dots in the right-hand corner unveils the ‘Automation’ option. By activating ‘Auto optimize daily,’ users can enable their phones to undergo an automatic optimization process, contributing to improved battery life.

And there you have it. You’ve just improved your phone’s battery life for good. Congratulations!