A Stylish Greyhound Named Tika Makes a Fashion Debut on TikTok

Tika the Iggy is an Italian greyhound that lives in Montreal, Canada. Her owner has been posting pictures of Tika in different outfits on TikTok for years. A recent video in which Tika showcases several of her fashionable outfits and complains about how she didn’t get to wear them this year has gone viral on TikTok with millions of views in just over a week’s time!

The TikTok famous greyhound Tika the Iggy
A Video Fashion Show Gone Viral

Although Tika the Iggy has had a presence on TikTok for years, her recent video gained a lot of attention. In the clip, the sassy greyhound shows off the cute outfits with a voiceover complaining about how, due to the way 2020 turned out, she had nowhere to go and couldn’t wear her favorite pieces. The outfits included a striped rainbow sweater that covers her long neck, hoodies, button-up shirts, and even a cow-print Halloween costume.

Tika dressed funny
Tika the Greyhound Entertains Millions

There are many reasons why this video reached and entertained such an astonishing number of people. It was shared and rewatched because so many people coming out of 2020 can relate to the feeling of watching all the clothes in their closets sit and wait while loungewear got its year to shine. Moreover, who doesn’t love to watch cute animals that have the power to distract and regale us with their antics?

Tika the Iggy
In addition to being a TikTok star, Tika the Iggy has her own Instagram page where her owner uploads images and videos of this adorable, tiny greyhound showing off her, what seems to be, rather extensive and diverse wardrobe in different settings. As we collectively wait for the time where our favorite articles of clothing get to see the light of day again, it’s certainly fun to laugh and aww along with Tika and many other TikTok pets whose sweet, sassy, and adorable videos were made with one single purpose – to make others smile.