Top 5 Scariest Podcast Examples That Are Spookier Than Losing a Wallet

Top 5 Scariest Podcast Examples That Are Spookier Than Losing a WalletYou probably had big plans for Halloween, didn’t you? You were probably going to carve a pumpkin…until you remembered how much you despise getting your hands in sticky orange goo. You intended to make festive Jell-O shots…until you got to the store and discovered that they didn’t have the right color combination. You were going to dress up in a nefarious costume…until you realized that all the bars in your neighborhood were closed due to the ongoing global pandemic. Your plans to go to the apple orchard also fell through. If you still haven’t given up on your Halloween dreams, there’s a suggestion: You can always listen to a terrifying podcast, which is a very simple way to scare yourself silly.

Take out your phone, put on your headphones, and listen to one of the best horror podcasts you’ve ever heard…if you dare.

#5. The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left If there is something supernatural to talk about, the men from The Last Podcast on the Left will debate it. These best friends are willing to discuss everything from cults to demons. It’s deliciously scary, and Spotify has declared it the spookiest podcast available.

#4. Dark House

Dark House Are there any interior design enthusiasts out there eager to be scared this October? Meet the Dark House podcast from House Beautiful. Hosts and House Beautiful editors Hadley Mendelsohn and Alyssa Fiorentino go into some of the most chilling true crime/Paranormal Activity scenarios. Take a walk, not a run.

#3. Parcast Presents: Halloween

Parcast Presents: Halloween Every single episode of the Parcast Presents Halloween is fully dedicated to a whole different freakish topic: urban legends, serial killers, ghosts, ghouls, and more. From your classic babysitting-gigs-gone-wrong to stories about Marie Antoinette, there is a plethora of yikes-inducing content available to listen to.

#2. Dr. Death

Dr. Death What scares you more than ghosts, zombies, and vampires? A neurosurgeon who commits heinous errors during spine procedures, resulting in lasting disabilities and even death. To be honest, this is the stuff of real-life nightmares. Oh, and it’s been adapted very well into a Peacock series. You can watch after binge-watching all the Wondery podcast episodes.

#1. Murder in Oregon

If you binge-watched Making a Murderer, you need to listen to iHeartRadio’s Murder in Oregon. It’s about the 1989 assassination of Michael Francke, the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections. Though a heroin dealer was convicted of the crime, detectives are now convinced—thirty years after the fact—that Michael was murdered by someone else. This podcast is dedicated to establishing the truth.

5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but this includes women, too. Owning a dog isn’t always a walk in the park because dogs typically need more than that. They need to be shown love, get the right amount of exercise, and be compatible with the lifestyle that you’re living.

Dog Breeds That Match Your Lifestyle

If you’re someone who is often in the office, you can still have a dog. However, you should make sure to get one that doesn’t requirer a lot of exercise or attention. These pups might not jump on you when you walk through the door, but they’ll still love you more than you might expect.

For those who work from home or are stay-at-home parents, the more rambunctious dogs can be perfect for you. They’re social, active, and smart dogs that would make your day-to-day life even more exciting than it already is. Here are some breeds you may want to consider.

1. Golden Retrievers

five Golden Retrievers in the grass
5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

Despite how affectionate and loving they are towards their owners, Golden Retrievers are great at being alone. They can easily be trained and will follow commands, especially when you leave the house. Though they love their exercise and playing around, they won’t mind too much to stay home and guard the house.

2. Toy Poodle

3 Toy Poodle puppies
5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

It might be surprising to find that this small dog requires a lot of time and energy. The truth is, they crave constant attention and affection from their owners. Toy Poodles can also suffer from separation anxiety, which is why they require people who can make time for them regularly.

3. Bullmastiffs

A Bullmastiff in the outdoors
5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

These dogs have a pretty tough-looking build and can get huge. However, they are very loyal to their human companions and don’t require much except some short walks and bathroom breaks. They aren’t as energetic as other large breeds, which makes them great for those with busy lifestyles.

4. Weimaraners

A Weimaraner in the open
5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

Weimaraners are extremely active and will require more attention from their owners. While they are smart and can be trained to behave while you’re away, they do have separation anxiety. It’s best to have more time on your hands with this loving and smart breed.

5. Pugs

A pug
5 Dog Breeds That’ll Fit a Busy or Flexible Lifestyle

Pugs love to lounge around and nap. They’re the perfect dog for those who have busy schedules because they can come home to find their Pug curled up in a ball on the couch. You don’t have to feel guilty leaving them home while you’re working or running errands.