The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Talks About Season Two Rumors

The last time anyone was interested in anything cheerleading-related, like how to do a back handspring or when the next cheerleading competition would be, was in 2000 when Bring It On was a box office hit. However, the beginning of 2020 changed that as practically everyone started watching Netflix’s latest TV series Cheer.

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The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Talks About Season Two Rumors

Cheer: A 6-Hour Mini-Series on Netflix

Netflix has been known for dropping many original series that go viral fast. This year, one of them was Cheer, and fans are already asking about season two. After it’s premiere on January 8th, the series broke the Internet with all kinds of polls, quizzes, social media searches, memes, and more about the 38-member Navarro cheer team from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.

In just six hours, Netflix was able to showcase how the team prepared throughout their season for the big Daytona, Florida National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Cheer Competition. They showed how the cheerleaders worked daily for months just to perform a three-minute routine. That wasn’t it though. Their goal was to win the 14th 1st-place score in head coach Monica Aldama’s 24-year career at Navarro.

Rumors About a Season 2

Cheer Cast
The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Talks About Season Two Rumors

Cheer mainly followed the lives of the five cheerleaders on the team. Those were Gabi Butler, Lexi Brumback, Jerry Harris, Morgan Simianer, and La’Darius Marshall. They are often invited to do interviews and of course, the major question that everyone is asking is whether or not there will be a season two.

While nothing is confirmed, they do keep their answers pretty vague. That’s what gives fans a clue that there may be something in the works or planning for the near future.

As far as the cast goes, the Navarro College cheer team won’t be the same. With it being only a two-year college, many of the cast members have graduated or moved onto another path in their lives.