Palace Perspectives: Meghan and Harry’s Response to Birthday Rumors

Wikimedia commons//Mark Jones//Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Amid swirling tabloid rumors, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry find themselves compelled to clarify their stance on attending King Charles’s 75th birthday celebration. Reports, suggesting a potential snub by the Sussexes, have prompted an official response from the couple’s spokesperson, asserting that there has been no contact regarding an invitation to the upcoming royal milestone.

Harry’s Safety Concerns and Frayed Ties

The decision by Prince Harry to potentially miss the birthday festivities comes as no shock, considering his expressed concerns about the safety of his family during visits to the UK. The Duke has consistently voiced apprehensions that his presence might overshadow family events and be subjected to intense scrutiny.

Wikimedia commons//Mark Jones//Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Notably, Harry’s complex relationship with his brother, Prince William, lingers in the background, only fueled by the revelations in Harry’s memoir Spare.

Navigating a Delicate Balance

While the absence of Prince Harry from King Charles’s birthday celebration underscores the prevailing tensions, it’s worth noting the multifaceted nature of royal relationships. Despite reported difficulties, King Charles had the honor of walking Meghan Markle down the aisle during her wedding.

Meghan and Harry, having relocated and set up a new life in Montecito, seem focused on prioritizing their children and family life. Maybe the not-so-royal couple could just send a gift instead?!

5 New Movies Based on Real People or Events to Watch in 2023

Movies inspired by or based on true stories have always been quite a big subject in Hollywood. This new year of 2023 is going to be no exception, highlighting the popular trend of biopics and real-life event-based movies, centering on the lives and works of iconic historic figures and inspiring real-world characters. Here are a select few movies to check out in 2023:

Emily (In theaters on February 17th)

The first biopic on the list, Emily depicts the life of Emily Bronte, one of the famed Bronte sisters of the English literary world and the author of the 1847 masterpiece novel Wuthering Heights. Partly fiction, the movie centers on a love story between Emily, played by Emma Mackey, and William Weightman, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, while also depicting her relationship with her other sisters and the controversy regarding her writing.

Air (In theaters on April 5th)

Oscar-winning collaborators and best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck join forces once again for their upcoming film Air. Directed by Affleck himself, the movie stars both actors. The story centers on Sonny Vaccaro, the Nike executive who signed basketball legend Michael Jordan with the company, launching the iconic Jordan sneakers line. While real-life couple Julius Tennon and Viola Davis play Jordan’s parents, Jordan himself isn’t portrayed onscreen in the film.

Chevalier (In theaters on April 21st)

Chevalier is a biographical drama based on the life story of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a virtuoso violinist and composer coming to fame in turbulent 18th-century France. Starring Kelvin Harrison Jr., the film depicts Chevalier facing obstacles as he rose to fame, as well as his connection to upper-class society and even French royalty, including none other than Marie Antoinette, portrayed by Lucy Boynton in the movie.

Flamin’ Hot (On Hulu From June 9th)

Believe it or not, this movie is about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! A directorial debut by Eva Longoria, this feature film depicts the story of Richard Montanez, played by Jesse Garcia. Montanez, a janitor working at Frito-Lay, claims that it was he who invented the world-popular spicy snack.

Maestro (Release Date TBD)

A Star Is Born-famed Bradley Cooper returns as the director of Maestro, another music-based film. Cooper directs and also stars in the film, which centers on famed composer Leonard Bernstein. Maestro particularly focuses on Bernstein’s relationship with his wife and actor Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan in the film.