Kristen Stewart Has Announced Her Engagement To Dylan Meyer

During a recent airing of The Howard Stern Show, actress Kristen Stewart announced that she and her girlfriend Dylan Meyer are getting engaged. The Charlie’s Angels star shared that after dating for two years, they feel ready to tie the knot. Still, she pointed out that the event will not be rushed.

Kristen Stewart Revealed That Whatever It May Be, the Wedding Will Not Be Rushed

Kristen Stewart
While she was sharing the big news, Kristen Stewart revealed that the couple would not be rushing the wedding. Apparently, they will wait for the current situation to change before they even start planning it. The actress opened up about her chill wedding plans and shared that the food would be the biggest deal for her. She stated that she didn’t care about flowers and other details like that but wanted the food to be on point.

Kristen Stewart Wants to Wear an Old T-shirt With a Tuxedo Printed On It at Her Wedding With Dylan Meyer

The BAFTA Award-winning actress shared what her vision for her attire was for her wedding day. She said that she would wear the best pair of Levi’s and a T-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it, but cut-off and barefoot. Apparently, the pair are not looking to have an extravaganza event but would rather have a homey wedding. Kristen confessed that she wants to get married in a place like Topanga because she would like it to be chilling. Also, she pointed out that she expects the atmosphere to be very homey-like. She wants Dylan Meyer to laugh hysterically when she sees her in a faux tuxedo T-shirt.

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer

It seems it was Meyer who popped the question, and Kristen was glad to say yes. Dylan Meyer is both a screenwriter and actress and has written and co-starred in several TV shows and films. Rumors about Meyer and Stewart’s relationship started in August 2019 when the two were photographed kissing. The pair later went Instagram official in October 2019. According to Stewart, the two had a fast-paced romance, and she told Meyer she loved her just two weeks into dating.