Critics Are Hating Emma Roberts’ New Movie – Holidate

Many people love a good Christmas movie, especially one that has some romance. Christmas movies are so popular that even streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have started streaming some of the most famous Lifetime and Hallmark holiday movies. Netflix recently released their latest holiday movie, Holidate, and while it’s topping the charts as far as the number of streams goes, it’s not doing so well in terms of reviews.

 Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in the Holidate poster
Critics Are Hating Emma Roberts’ New Movie – Holidate

Negative Reviews for Holidate

Critics aren’t giving Holidate many positive reviews. Now, the reviews aren’t as bad as if it was the worst movie they’ve ever seen, but the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are ranging between 46% and 48%.

Around this time is when people start to get into the holiday spirit, which means that this is when the new holiday and Christmas movies come out. They’re created to bring joy and Holidate is one that does that. However, it’s closer to a standard TV movie and not an Academy Award-winning movie like Moonlight.

Emma Roberts Is the Star

 Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey movie shot
Critics Are Hating Emma Roberts’ New Movie – Holidate

Holidate is a weird yet delightful movie that has romantic leads that include Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. It’s a movie that is filled with f-bombs which is what makes it fun and also hard to believe that it could have such bad ratings, especially since the main characters are so well-known and likable.

However, many rom-com movies that are rated poorly by critics are fan-favorites. This includes The Holiday, Love, Guaranteed, The Proposal, and more. Love Actually just got a 63% positive rating. 13 Going On 30 is also just barely scraping the positive ratings.

It’s tough for rom-coms to make it with a good rating, especially from critics who see hundreds of movies a year. In terms of Holidate, it’s a movie that is a bit more realistic about what it feels like to be dating in an era with apps and people who make mistakes, as any human does.