Expert-Approved Ways to Wake Up Energized Each Morning

Wake Up Energized

You’re not alone if you constantly feel sluggish in the mornings, regardless of how much sleep you get. Many older adults experience fatigue when they wake up. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to combat morning fatigue effectively. Experts suggest three regular habits that contribute to activating sleep-enhancing hormones to help you wake up in the morning with renewed energy.

Start the Day With a Morning Walk

Engaging in physical activity during the day positively impacts your sleep quality. Taking a morning walk, for instance, helps improve your ability to reach deep levels of slow-wave sleep (SWS) at night, which is crucial for restoration. Additionally, after you wake up, a stroll in the sun can help reset your body clock, making you feel more awake instantly. So, make it a point to move your body and soak in some sunlight at the start of the day.

End the Day With Cherry Juice

Getting adequate sleep is vital for combating morning fatigue when you wake up. Aim for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to decrease the level of the drowsiness-triggering chemical adenosine in your body. Establish a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including weekends. Also, try drinking cherry juice before bed. Research suggests that the melatonin content in tart cherries can help improve insomnia symptoms.

Eat a Nourishing Breakfast

Eat a Nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast plays a vital role in combating morning fatigue. Opt for a low-sugar high-carb breakfast each morning after you wake up. Top whole-grain waffles with fresh berries or prepare steel-cut oatmeal with melted peanut butter and cinnamon. According to studies, complex carbohydrates like these take longer to digest, helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and boost alertness. A complex carb-filled breakfast works as a gentle alarm clock to wake up your body and mind, shaking off morning brain fog with every delicious bite.

5 1990s Disney Movies to Consider for a Throwback Marathon

Disney has always been a heavy hitter in the filmmaking industry. Over the years, the company has produced some of the most iconic movies in history. Entire generations have grown watching Disney characters and stories. But the 1990s were perhaps the most important decade in the company’s evolution. At that time, Disney films were in a league of their own. Here are five wonderful movies from that period that people should consider for a throwback marathon.

5 1990s Disney Movies to Consider for a Throwback Marathon The Perfect Disney Throwback Marathon Should Include:

1. Aladdin

Aladdin is an animated feature film based on an eponymous Arabic folktale. It tells the story of Aladdin, an abandoned street urchin, who finds a magic lamp containing a genie. The movie features a talented cast that is led by none other than Robin Williams who gave his voice to Genie. Released in 1992 Aladdin was well-received by critics and attain phenomenal commercial success, which instantly made it an evergreen.

2. Toy Story

Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Disney, Toy Story is a mid-1990s movie that changed the filmmaking industry. It was the first entirely computer-animated feature film, as well as Pixar’s first-ever major production. The movie was voiced by prominent actors such as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Wallace Shawn, and became one of Disney’s most beloved franchises.

3. The Mighty Ducks

Any ‘90s Disney throwback moviethon should feature the 1992 sports comedy-drama The Mighty Ducks. The movie follows the story of Gordon Bombay, portrayed by Emilio Estevez, an arrogant but successful attorney who is sentenced to 500 hours of community service after being arrested. His job is to coach the Minneapolis “District 5″ Pee-Wee hockey team. The film’s success did more than launch a media franchise. It also led to the creation of the Anaheim Ducks, a professional ice hockey team founded by Disney.

4. The Lion King

The Lion King is the most successful animated film from the period known as the Disney Renaissance. It was directed by Ron Minkoff and Roger Allers, produced by Don Hahm, and featured original songs by Elton John. Its voice cast included household names such as Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, Moira Kelly, James Earl Jones, and Rowan Atkinson.

5. Mulan

Based on the legend of the Chinese female warrior Hua Mulan, Mulan is a perfect finale for a throwback marathon. The movie’s plot takes place in China and tells the tale of a young woman who impersonates a man to take her elderly father’s place in the Chinese army.

Honorable Mentions

If these five Disney movies aren’t enough, other titles such as Hercules, The Parent Trap, Beauty and the Beast, and The Santa Clause can be added to the throwback program.