10 Things No One Ever Mentions About Life After College

There’s plenty you should know about life after college that people probably won’t ever tell you.

10 Things No One Ever Mentions About Life After College

Job Hunting Woes

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you go job hunting, but if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never achieve anything.

You Have to Compromise

Sometimes, you have to accept whatever job you can get your hands on, even if it’s not what you want. You’ve got to start out somewhere.

Budgeting Is Best

Your money problems aren’t going to disappear once you leave college. Bills, loans, and other expenses will force you to continue living on a budget.

10 Things No One Ever Mentions About Life After College

The Party’s Over

You don’t have to give up partying completely after college, but you do have to change your habits. Showing up to work feeling worse for wear will have significant consequences.

You’ll Never Be Alone

You may want to live alone after all those college roommates, but your chances of affording a one-bedroom place will be pretty slim.

Smartening Up

As much as you love your sweatpants and casual clothes, you’ll need to dress smarter if you want to set a good impression at work.

10 Things No One Ever Mentions About Life After College

The Subject of Every Conversation

Once you have a job, it’s pretty much all that people will ask you about. Every conversation you have will probably revolve around it in some way.

Early Sleeper

Staying up all night to study or party will quickly become a thing of the past. After enough time in your job, you’ll start yearning for an early night.

Losing Contact

When you and your friends all have jobs, it won’t be so easy to meet up with them. You’ll have to work hard to stay connected, but it’s worth it.

10 Things No One Ever Mentions About Life After College

Lost and Confused

Things will be tough straight after college, but you’re not alone. No matter how lost you feel, so many others are in exactly the same boat as you. Make every moment of college count, because you’ll miss it once you graduate.

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Kim Kardashian hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. Kanye Continues to Support Kim Kardashian

Even though Kanye attended both the SNL rehearsal and the live taping, he was merely there to support the mother of his kids. Sources have confirmed that the two are not together, but they do continue to support each other and their careers, which is the reason Kanye was there for Kim.

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While Kanye will always be the love of Kim’s life, he is simply supporting Kim in her career and other endeavors. Kanye was incredibly proud of Kim Kardashian and her performance on SNL. He thought she was funny and looked beautiful during the show.

Innocent Flirting on Set

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in SNLKim Kardashian and Kanye West are parents to 4 children together and are still going through a divorce. However, that didn’t stop them from continuously looking at each other on the set of SNL. While Kim was performing, sources revealed that Kim and Kanye kept making eyes at each other while Kim was on stage. At one point, Kim even blew a kiss at Kanye.

Other sources revealed that Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mom, stated how proud she was that Kanye helped work on Kim’s looks for the show. She continued to mention that Kanye has a very creative mind and it’s what helps a lot with Kim’s business side.