NASA Launches Public Photo Competition of Pictures Taken in Space

Earth is a truly beautiful place, which it’s safe to say no one understands better than NASA. Its many workers get to see the planet from a distance regularly, which really puts everything into perspective.

That’s why they recently launched a photography competition to let the public decide which shot of Earth is the most breathtaking of all.

Tournament Earth

NASA launches public photography competition of the amazing pictures of Earth taken from space

2020 is a special year because it marks both the 20th anniversary of the Earth Observatory and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate these two events, NASA has launched Tournament Earth.

This is a knock-out-style contest featuring 32 spectacular images of Earth taken over the last 50 years. Over several rounds, pictures will be eliminated until one remains – the world’s favorite photo of, well, the world.

Plenty To Choose From

A wide variety of images have been entered into the competition, including stunning landscapes and natural events. There are photos showcasing the seabed of the Bahamas, the mountains of the Xinjiang province, and the entirety of the Glen Canyon. There’s also pictures taken of a lightning storm above Kuwait, a volcanic eruption in the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the Southern Lights over the Indian Ocean. Plus, there are multiple shots of the Earth in its entirety, taken over the length of many years.

NASA launches public photography competition of the amazing pictures of Earth taken from space

Voting Is Almost Over

Every round, the number of entrants has been cut down by half as people have voted in various different categories. The public has been choosing their favorite pictures for Sea and Sky, Ice and Land, Home Planet, and Past Winners, with only eight images left in the contest’s third round. The voting for this round closes on April 13, after which there will only be one image left in each of the four categories.

Which pictures will they be? It won’t be much longer until we find out.

This competition is an excellent reminder of how beautiful this planet really is – something that’s too often easy to forget.